Sarah and Bryan

How We Met

We met in Colorado after Sarah transferred from her accounting firm in Illinois to the Colorado location. Both of us joined the firm’s sand volleyball team and we hit it off right away. The real nail in the coffin was when we were both sent to Topeka, Kansas to work on an audit. If anyone is familiar with good ole Topeka, they know there is not much going on there. It was in Topeka the plan to move to Arizona was formed.

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Bryan was ready to trade the cold, snowy weather Colorado was offering for the beautiful warm, sunny days Arizona was bragging about. After a short trip to Arizona, Bryan found a new job and got ready to pack up for good. In classic Sarah form, a couple of weeks before Bryan was set to make the big move, we made a visit to the hospital where Bryan spent the last few nights by Sarah’s side before moving to Arizona. Once recovered, Sarah made a trip to visit Arizona where we decided she should stay and start a wonderful life together.

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How They Asked

When living in Ireland, Sarah’s parents came to visit with her aunt and uncle. While Sarah was at work, Bryan met up with her father to share a glass of Irish whiskey and nervously ask for her father’s permission to marry his only daughter. After Bryan was given permission and exchanged words and stories with her dad, he handed him a bottle of whiskey to take home and share with her 4 brothers to make sure they were all on board for him to join the family. Fast forward 10 months from that date to Christmas Day when we were safely back in the USA on Sarah’s family farm. We went for a walk after breakfast to our favorite spot through the woods, where Bryan wanted to take a nice picture by the pond. Sarah decided it wasn’t a good idea and ruined plan A.

To rectify the situation, Sarah’s dad made up a story about possibly seeing a beaver by the water and asked Sarah and Bryan to check it out. On the walk back, Bryan made a more persuasive argument for a picture by the pond. After the first picture, Bryan took out the ring box, got down on one knee, and opened the ring box… upside-down. Caught completely by surprise, Sarah teared up and smiled while Bryan asked: “Will you marry me?” Instead of saying yes, like any normal proposal, Sarah responded with “Are you sure?” Laughing it off, Bryan, still down on one knee asked Sarah to please say yes or no, which was replied to with only a head nod. Still not satisfied, Bryan clarified that an audible answer was necessary, which Sarah finally got the hint and said “yes”. Finally.. she said yes.

Don’t worry, this was all caught on video as Sarah’s dad opted for video over pictures of the event.. or so we thought. In a classic baby boomer technology fumble, Sarah’s dad hit the record button twice getting a solid 2-second video of the event. Although most likely a blessing in disguise, we took an additional picture re-enacting the event with the ring facing the correct way and Sarah providing the correct answer the first time.

Special Thanks

Jenna Chrisien
 | Photographer