Sarah and Brody

How We Met

Our best friends started dating sophomore year of high school and introduced us one night at the Mississippi valley fair! We rode rides all night and had so much fun, but decided to stay friends since we went to rival high schools haha! He took me to the senior prom and asked me to be his girlfriend that night and we’ve been together ever since.

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A little about our engagement story is that well, first of all, I have nannied for this amazing family for 7 years and they have made Brody and me, part of the family since day one. 3 girls now 9, 7, and 5 years old who are totally and completely obsessed with everything Brody. Brody and I started dating senior year of high school close to the same time I started to nanny. Over the years Brody was just as involved in their lives as they were ours. I would bring them up to Iowa City to watch him wrestle at Iowa (He had to cutest cheering section ever) and he would come home for almost every soccer game, dance recital, overnight weekend of babysitting he could! He has always known how important they are to me, so that is why he made them part of his big plan to ask me to marry him!

It was Friday, February 10th 2017, the girls had just learned how to ski, and now we’re teaching Brody because he had never been! I’ve snowboarded for a long time and I was so happy that they were all starting to enjoy it too! We were having a great time until the girls dad showed up needing something out of the car!!! I had to leave them to go help him find it in the parking lot! little did I know this was just a decoy to get rid of me so that they could get set up. When I got back to the top of the hill I had a message from Brody saying his ski had popped off towards the bottom and they needed help. So I strap in and start down the hill to help them, and that’s when I saw the oldest girl, Haley, holding a neon green sign. As I got closer I saw it read “WILL”….she cheers me on to keep going and as I go down there’s Taylor, the second oldest, in the middle of the hill with her own sign that says “YOU” , then Addy ,the youngest, near the bottom with her sign “MARRY” and finally Brody at the very bottom with “ME”.

I knew what was going on when I saw Tay, but still could not believe what was actually happening! He got on one knee and asked me to marry him, I said yes, and that’s when I heard all the cheering! All of our family and friends were also at the bottom of the hill behind him waiting to celebrate! I was so surprised!!! We all continued the party back at my parents where there were even more people waiting …it ended up that we didn’t really have to babysit that night but instead celebrate our engagement!!! haha I could not have been happier and the best part was that it was a complete surprise, I didn’t even know he had bought a ring!

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