Sarah and Brett


How We Met

I met Brett two years ago and immediately hit it off with him. I was so impressed by him. He has an incredible drive and faith….plus.. he’s hawt! We would have so much fun together.  Two years ago, He invited me to a wedding, and in that conversation, we even joked that if within 6 years, we were not married, we would be each other’s back up plan. Brett and I had both gone through a very different but difficult crisis in our lives. We found solace in one another.


I knew I was falling in love with Brett, but had not told him. We shared a passionate, fun-loving zest for life and enjoyed time together. It wasn’t until early spring that we told each other how we felt. With that, our relationship deepened quickly. I knew that he was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.


how they asked

My mom and my aunt wanted to take me to New York for my 24th birthday, so naturally I jumped all over it. The trip was going fantastic, and to cap off a great week, my aunt thought it would be nice to spend our last night at Top of the Rock at sunset.

Little did I know that while I was heading up the tower, Brett was landing at JFK and on his way to surprise me. Shortly after I felt a tap on the shoulder, turned around and saw the love of my life there waiting to propose. Of course I said yes, and a great trip turned into the best trip of my life.






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