Sarah and Brennan

How We Met

We met on a CRUISE! So keep reading if you want to hear about a story of fate, fun, and love. It all started the week of Halloween in October of 2016. Sarah (from Maine) and her friend had been waiting for this fun cruise to the Bahamas for months. At the same time, Brennan (from Ohio) and his friend were waiting to board the same cruise to the Bahamas. Both standing in long lines waiting to come aboard the Carnival Valor, not knowing that their future spouse was patiently waiting in the same exact line somewhere. On night one of the cruise, both sets of friends were grabbing a drink in the same bar. Brennan’s friend urges him to go talk to Sarah, even though he was so shy and didn’t want to. The two start talking for a little while and go their separate ways. Day two of the cruise they arrive in the Bahamas and happen to run into each other again at Senor Frogs on the island. Sarah notices that Brennan has the same exact cross tattoo dead center of his back as she does.

They connect over this and talk for hours, becoming inseparable the rest of the cruise. They go their separate ways at the end, and weeks later connect over social media. They chat online for a few months and then decide to do a vacation on the coast together with friends. Sarah and Brennan end up falling for each other over just 3 days on the boardwalk in New Jersey.

Proposal Ideas Sandusky, Ohio

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sandusky, Ohio

How They Asked

They begin to visit each other despite the 14-hour distance. Sarah eventually moved to Ohio and they both just knew that they were meant to spend forever together. In September of this year, Brennan took Sarah to a beach near an amusement park where they shared countless memories at. He asked a couple to take their picture on the beach, and right then got down on a knee and asked Sarah to become his wife.

She said YES! They cannot wait to start their new life together on July 6, 2019. If it had not been for the two choosing the same exact cruise, their lives would be completely different!