Sarah and Brendan

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How We Met

I hopped on the dating app train in 2014. It was fun and I never thought I’d meet “the one.” I met a lot of rotten eggs throughout the 1+ year I was on it and was pretty much over meeting guys by the time my friend convinced me to try out Bumble- it was the last surviver of dating apps! I matched with “Bren” and we clicked through a few messages immediately. On Bumble, the girl has to approach the guy first….

So I came up with the worst first liner. “Looks like you like drinking! Haha” — Let’s just say picking up guys wasn’t my forte! We decided to meet up at Black Market in the East Village on September 12th, 2015. Since I was driving in from New Jersey, he decided to pick me up in a cab from the parking garage i parked my car in. He by accidentally drove past me with the cab, said “dammmnn” (his version) and the cab reversed it real quick and he got out! We gave each other a friendly awkward hug and got in the cab together.

We ended up sitting in the corner seat of Black Market, ordered one drink each and spent about 2 hours of that night. We met up again 2 night later and got some gelato and sat on a park bench for 3 hours and got to know each other more. I learned he was a church camp counselor and I knew he was a keeper! The rest is history :)

how they asked

We moved to Providence, RI June 2016 together and love spending time in “south county” in the Newport area. We have been going back to the NJ/NY area almost every weekend this summer due to weddings and showers, so we thought we’d spend a weekend down in Newport and Jamestown. Our first weekend getaway trip was to Rhode Island, showing me the most beautiful locations of Newport and Jamestown. We had been talking about getting engaged and married for a while but I got thrown off since he kept joking to friends and family that it was happening in 2020 or even 2025! I knew he was purposely joking, but i almost started to feel like I was going to have to wait longer than i thought. So when we planned our weekend in newport and jamestown, I didn’t think much of it! He lucked out since we had just gone to a wedding the weekend before so my nails were already done! So the night before the proposal, he told me to pick out an outfit since we had lunch reservations.

He has always been so sweet about planning and making sure our dates were all planned out so I never thought too much of it. I didn’t even ask where we were going! I usually just yelp it once we get there. We planned on being on the road by 10 am the next morning so we could spend some time in Jamestown, exploring the lighthouse and the fort. That way, we’d make it to our 12 pm lunch reservations right on time! Very out of character of me, I was ready to go by 9 am…so we were super early and on schedule! He began to drive slower than usual on the high way, saying that he was just trying to be better about speeding and driving safer with me. (yeah right!) Once we finally got to Jamestown, he was driving around for what seemed like hours. I thought he was lost and wasn’t going to make him upset about not knowing where he was going. At a certain point, it started drizzling so i had to say something!

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We finally got to Fort Wetherill, where hes taken me a few times before. If you climb up the fort in some parts, you can find hidden trails that lead to the most beautiful views of the water. We finally get there and I’m just amazed at the view and the few boats that we saw! I ran towards the edge and was soaking it all in. He comes up behind me and starts chatting about our life and how thankful he is in our journey…And how much God has done for us. That everything that happened with us was a step towards our future. I remember saying “yeah yeah love you too!” and going back to enjoying the view. I barely even remember what he was saying since I wasn’t really paying attention! He finally turns me around while saying “there’s just one more step we have to take” and he was on his knees with a ring!!!!!

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I couldn’t believe it. It was a blackout moment for me, but mostly just “are you serious!? Is that real?! What?!” I couldn’t stop crying and laughing! The second I saw the photographer, I cried even more! “Who is she? You don’t even have an Instagram, how did you find a photographer!!”

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I thought my dreams all came true about having the best proposal ever. We decided to head to the lighthouse for more pictures since we had Lauren for a full hour. The second we drive towards it, I see my mom, his parents, and my friends. A rush of tears came full force again! I couldn’t get out of the car for a few seconds since I was just so happy. Pictures speak more than words!

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Special Thanks

Lauren Halvorson
 | Photographer