Sarah and Benjamin

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When I first met Ben, we were both in high school and both awkward of course. We shared a friend group, and we were all really close before everyone went off to college. One summer, Ben came back to visit from college in the summer of 2014 and I had not seen him in years! It was so unexpected that our old friendship would blossom over three months into a romantic relationship. We did long distance for such a long period of time until I transferred to Indiana University with him to finish my degree. So, in October of 2015, Ben invited me on a trip to Disney World with him and his family, since we both loved it as kids we knew it would be a blast now that we were older. Before we left, I had to run by a jeweler to get a necklace fixed and was admiring all the amazing rings the jeweler had. This particular jeweler was one my late grandmother got a lot of special pieces from, so I always dreamed of getting my wedding ring from there, as I admired all of her jewelry growing up! After enjoying our first few days in Disney, we decided to leave Epcot to the tail end of our trip just so we could enjoy the Food and Wine festival along with a fireworks show! Ben however had been acting so strange all day.. he had sweaty palms and was so quiet (definitely not like him at all)! Once the sun finally started to set, and we were completely full and relaxed, we found a great spot for the fireworks show. During the show, his mom and I were laughing and enjoying the view, all while Ben was trying to say super sweet things to me.. all of a sudden in the middle of him talking about how much I meant to him, he was down on one knee! I bawled like a baby and was in complete shock. I could not believe what was even happening it was so unexpected. His family cried, I cried, and of course I said yes! Even better, once we left the show, Ben told me where he had gotten the ring, once I realized I cried even more. The sentiment to it meant the world to me, and I knew he for sure got my grandmothers approval.

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