Sarah and Ben

How We Met

We met on a blind date! A co-worker of mine had met Ben through his wife and knew that we would hit it off. Ben decided to go on the blind date as a favor to his friend. Both of us were pretty guarded and big skeptics of falling in love. The first few dates were, of course, very awkward but we quickly got through that and now we are convinced that we couldn’t be more perfect for each other!

how they asked

We live about an hour from each other so we often will meet half way at his parents’ house to jump in the same car for a date night. On September 23, he asked me to meet him there like normal. When I arrived, he texted me to wait for him in the backyard because he was stuck in traffic. When I opened the gate to the backyard, there were rose petals leading to him under a gazebo, with strung lights everywhere.

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He incorporated every major point of our relationship in the evening, but the best part was the blue french horn. We are both big How I Met Your Mother fans. When he asked me to be his girlfriend, he gave me a small, blue french horn necklace, so on this night, he gave me the real thing. After we ate dinner (he even got the meal we ordered the night we first said we wanted to marry each other), he read me a letter he had written to his future wife a long time ago and then got down on one knee!

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