Sarah and Beau

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rockefeller Center, New York

How We Met

I was out to dinner with a girlfriend at a neighborhood sushi restaurant enjoying our dinner when a gorgeous dark hair blue-eyed man came up to our table to ask me my name. In shock, we exchanged numbers and he later called to make a date. Every since then we have been inseparable and he is my absolute best friend.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Rockefeller Center, New York

how they asked

I had no clue that this milestone in my life was happening. I was completely clueless! For Christmas Beau’s Mother Natasha gave her and her husband a night at the Marriot Essex House “what I thought”. This was the cover up story. So, every year we skate at Rockefeller Center in New York for the holidays with Beau’s family. So this year we did just that, have dinner at Sea Grill across from the ice and then skate.

Sarah's Proposal in Rockefeller Center, New York

After skating for about an hour and a half it is time for everyone to get off the ice. At this time my feet hurt and I am ready to get off, but my Fiance says one more lap C’mon. I agree and continue to skate. Meanwhile everyone is clearing the ice and our favorite song starts to play ” Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra, He is a grammy nominated music producer, singer/song writer so he mashed up all of our favorite songs and gave them a personalized CD. I instantly start feeling excitement and amazement knowing whats coming next.

Sarah and Beau's Engagement in Rockefeller Center, New York

We skate over to the middle of the ice where a friend from Miami awaits with the ring. I was in shock and kept saying to Beau ” Is it real?!” “Is this real babe?!” In utter shock, he takes the ring from our friend meanwhile explaining how he will cherish and take care of me for the rest of our life confessing his love for me. We then exchange my yes for the beautiful ring he had picked out with the same jeweler whom made his mothers ring.

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The surprise does not end there!

As we skate off the ice, I see my entire family from Miami coming on to the ice! My dad is first to come out and lock eyes with his newly engaged baby girl. I fall to my knees on the ice out of pure happiness overload!

My father picks me up and hugs me tight just laughing and crying! I get off the ice and hug my family members. During this time I was remembering every instance in which I could of known this was going to happen. From Beau’s Father texting me about hotel reservations for my family to Beau giving my mom a bouquet of flowers that I knew he personalized. Ending the night with a toast at the top of Rockefeller Center in the iconic Rainbow Room.

We also had a amazing hotel room booked at the Marriot Essex house with a central park view. Complete with hand written letters from all of our family members and photos albums from our childhood. We stayed for 3 nights and spent time with my family members from Miami. Since we were staying at Beau’s Family home in New Jersey when they all left. What a dream come true this proposal was! All the efforts to keep this a secret since Thanksgiving worked and is something my whole family will never forget!

Special Thanks

Natasha Vallis
Jimmy Vallis
Kept the secret!
Ira Lippke
Photographed it all/ on his blog