Sarah and Austin

Sarah_Austin_Proposal_016I am rarely ever surprised. The biggest shock of my life though, happened recently when I found out that I planned my own proposal.

As a wedding planner, I have seen my fair share of proposal stories and helped craft a few along the way as well.

Austin, my other half had schemed for weeks and had got a guy to hire me for our proposal planning service. I did not suspect a thing as this other guy, Adam, had signed my contracts, sent over checks, and we had been in constant communication via emails, phone calls and text messaging.

Adam had mentioned he enjoyed the outdoors with his girlfriend and they liked going for walks after work. I couldn’t suspect a thing because while I have done this with Austin a few times (like once ever), we are the couple that loves sitting in air conditioned rooms while stuffing face much, much more.

Together with the other event planner in the company, Maddie – who was also in on this – we planned a quiet walk in a nature preserve. Adam would then stumble upon an old bottle with a message inside.

The note was a riddle that his girlfriend was to try and decipher. It would only make sense and come together when she turned to see Adam getting on bended knee. After, he would lead her to a private picnic spot we staged above a waterfall where they would celebrate with wine and have a mini photo shoot to commemorate the occasion.

It was set then. We reached out to the photographer ‘Adam’ said he wanted and scouted a site with him, picked out the perfect spot for him to hide and capture the proposal.

When the day arrived, I was thrilled and nervous for Adam! I got on location and began lugging items to set up for the picnic – from old books, a vintage bike, flowers, etc.


Maddie and I began arranging the items and put the bottle in place. Thirty minutes before Adam was to arrive with his girlfriend, Maddie lured me away from the spot. The photographer, Allen, then called me frantically to let me know that someone had spotted the bottle and I needed to go back and fix it immediately before Adam arrived. Oh man, I sprinted back so fast!

Someone had indeed found the bottle. In its place, the old bottle was replaced with another. I was utterly confused, wondering why someone would switch out one bottle with another. I still had so much adrenaline coursing through my body with that sprint and grabbed it to read the message inside without pausing to think.


It finally dawned on me what had happened after reading the note.


Oh man, I felt so fooled! Austin then appeared and got on bended knee, and the rest is history!








Photography: Allen Tsai Photography  |  Planning + Design: Keestone events | Rentals: Rent My Dust  |  Ring: Blue Nile