Sarah and Austin

How We Met

Austin and I met almost six years ago. Austin was visiting a friend from Virginia Beach in Colorado Memorial Day weekend and decided to go to the Grizzley Rose, a bar in Denver. It’s probably one of my favorite places to hang out because I love country music! Anyways, I was coming off the dance floor and Austin was sitting with some friends. We joke now because his pick-up line was “are you okay?” and we hit it off! The next day we went out with some friends and I couldn’t stop laughing. I actually remember telling him that my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. :) Fast forward and Austin and I continued a friendship with him in Virginia and myself still in Colorado.

Our friendship was built off morning phone calls and talking for hours at night. I remember we never wanted to get off the phone with each other, I loved it. So, I guess it was time for Austin to come back to Colorado and he did – for a country concert, of course! I think that weekend was the weekend we knew we really liked each other and wanted to try long-distance even though everyone was telling us not to. Oh, he also met my family that weekend! We were in a long distance relationship for over four years, traveling back and forth across the country almost every two months. Looking back on it now I have no idea how we made it work, but we did. Austin made moments we were together so special and full of so many memories, I’m lucky. Austin moved to Colorado after years of long distance and we now live together with our two yellow labs. I love our life and all of me is SO excited to become his wife!

how they asked

The morning of the proposal started out very normal. I went to the gym and he was going to take the dogs on a hike (he does this all the time). After, I had plans with my friends to go to brunch in Golden, Colorado, the same place he was going to propose! My friends knew the entire time and did an excellent job of keeping the secret. So, we are at brunch and Austin calls me with a distress call.

He says the dogs were without leashes and his truck was towed at Lookout Mountain, in Golden, Colorado. We just so happen to be about 10 minutes from where he was. Of course, I had to save our dogs… and Austin ;). We drove to the top of the mountain, his usual spot and found his with a bouquet of white roses. I think right then I knew exactly what was happening and started crying. He told me he’d like to “walk our story” and had pictures of the last six years places along the way of a short hike. At the top of the hike, he got down on one knee and asked to marry me!!! It was magical.

I still feel like I’m on cloud nine and feel so lucky Austin made this day so special for us. I am SO excited he’s mine forever and I get to be his wife!

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