Sarah and Anthony

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How We Met

We worked together at a grocery store. We met about 10 years ago. We were friends and hung out often. Timing was never right with us. I was with someone long term and he had girlfriends while we knew each other. The picture is us when we were younger and went to clubs

How They Asked

He got my family and some of our friends involved. Had our friend say that she is doing a photoshoot on the beach with her kids (our nieces and nephew) and since we were going to be together wanted to get some pictures with us and the kids as well. When we got to the beach he had asked to go walk while they got their kids out of the car. There is a bi level gazebo on the boardwalk. So he asked if we can go upstairs. As we were walking up I saw a sign that said “it all started with a flying cheese ball” he had my favorite flowers (sunflowers) waiting and candles lining the top of the gazebo. He had said his speech and then got down on one knee and asked!

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