Sarah and Andrew's Proposal at Rattlesnake Ledge

Andrew and Sarah_8

how we met

Andrew and I grew up together in the same church and had always been friends. We dated other people through high school but reconnected in college. We started dating in the middle of college while both living in Nashville and we both knew that we’d someday be married.

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how they asked

Fast forward to three years of dating, Andrew decided to plan a spring break trip to Seattle where I thought nothing of it being a proposal trip. I just thought since we both wanted to travel and see other states that this was a good time to do so. We stayed in the most adorable little cabin up in a mountain area, about an hour from the city. On Sunday March 9th, 2014, I thought it was just another day, we were headed to the City Church to hear Chad Veach speak a message. Andrew had also already met Jon Sweet through Instagram to hire him to be taking pictures of the proposal (how did I not catch on?!?). So we casually met him at church, he sat with us, then gave us some lunch and hang out ideas in Seattle. (I now feel so dumb! ha) We spent a good amount of time hanging out at Pike Place Market when Andrew is starting to rush me (because Jon is texting him to hurry up), Andrew keeps saying “We’ve got to get to this awesome view called Rattlesnake ledge, it makes great pictures, and we’ve got to get there to see the “blue hour”. I had no clue.

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So we left to head to Rattlesnake ledge, parked, and up we went. Longest. hike. ever. For people that don’t hike often, that was rough. It took way longer than expected, and I felt like I was about to die (might be being a little dramatic!). Once we FINALLY make it to the top, I plopped down on a rock and told Andrew to go get his Instagram pictures and that I’d be waiting right here.

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He finally convinced me to get up and come see the view, and it didn’t take long for him to get down on one knee and ask the big question. Of course I said yes! We took lots and lots of pictures then it started pouring down rain, perfect timing! We will always remember this day and our trip to Seattle with the most amazing proposal pictures thanks to Jon Sweet!

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Special Thanks

Jon Taylor Sweet