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How We Met

Andrew and I are college sweethearts, we met the first day of college at Penn State Harrisburg. It is actually so goofy, we happened to sit next to each other in our History of Musical Theater Class (not specified on class selections mind you) and of course the professor is like get out your book and if you don’t have one share with someone. Looking around maybe 3 people in the entire class had their books so I turned to this kid next to me and said “slim pickins” – well this is where Andrew will tell you I hooked him.

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I proceeded to fail the first quiz so I asked Andrew (still a stranger) to help me study because I thought he was cute and BONUS he passed his quiz. That same day he basically invited himself to my apartment before his night class, walked in my room, dropped his backpack, plopped his butt in my computer chair and propped his feet on my bed. Then he pulled out his laptop and asked me “so what kind of music do you like?” That was when I knew we were gonna be something and little did either of us know it was way more than something.

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how they asked

Andrew and I are not the best secret keepers. We talk; I recommend it to all couples. Andrew works long hours, often until 8 or 9 at night. We work about half an hour away from each other, so we don’t get to spend a whole lot of time together during the week.

Out of the ordinary, he texted me around 1:00 on Thursday, May 19, and asked if I wanted to come meet him for lunch. He said I should go home and let our puppy, Khaleesi, out, and then come to meet him. When I got home, his car was parked in the driveway. I walked in the house, and there were roses on the table. He said, “Hey! Pack your stuff, let’s take a trip.” I was confused, but I got my stuff together, and we got in the car. He didn’t tell me where we were going, but a few hours later, we pulled into a hotel in Dewey Beach, Delaware.

Our view was beautiful. We could see the ocean one block to the East, and we watched the sun set on that Thursday night just one block to the West. The next morning, Andrew said that he had plans for us. He said we should get ready, and that I should do my hair. I asked him what to wear; he said “I’m wearing a sport shirt and shorts, so just wear something that goes with that. We’ll be walking up the beach too, so don’t worry about shoes.” While I was getting ready, he said he had to go check something out, and also had to register our puppy for the beach for the weekend at city hall. He came back about fifteen minutes later, and asked if I was ready to go.

We walked down Rodney Street and onto the beach. The weather was beautiful. Perfectly sunny, warm, and only a few small clouds in the sky. We walked for a few blocks, and then he asked to stop for a minute. He took my hand, took off his sunglasses, and asked me to do the same. He talked to me for a minute, and sounded more nervous than he had since we first kissed. I could write what he said, but that will always be between me, Khaleesi, the beach, and my future husband. When he got down on one knee, I could barely breathe.

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He said, “Sarah Elizabeth Wagner, will you marry me?” I had envisioned this moment for the last four years that we had been dating, and even the thought of it always made me cry. But at this exact moment, I was so caught off guard that the tears did not even flow. When I said “Yes,” we kissed, before he even had a chance to stand up, and Khaleesi was digging in the sand, seemingly unimpressed.

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She did know the plan the entire time, though, so it wasn’t anything surprising for her. I was amazed, and he said “I am so happy. The only thing that would have made this better was if someone had caught it on film. But wait, look…” Andrew had hired a photographer and coordinated a time for the proposal right at the beach entrance at Collins Street. We took a few more posed photographs, and then walked back down the beach. Coming from the man who has not hidden many plans from me throughout our entire relationship, I was completely swept off my feet, and it was truly the best moment of my entire life.

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