Sarah and Andrew

how we met

I was a student at UMD and Andrew had just graduated from Towson. I had driven up to Towson to see a band that my best friend Kara (now the MOH) was working with play at the student union. Andrew happened to be in that band and was really good friends with Kara. We first really “met” at a small party after the show at Kara’s place. When I was told by Kara and some other mutual friends that I should give Andrew a chance, I immediately told them that he was too old (there’s only a five year age difference haha)

how they asked

I had about 3 different plans on how I was going to propose. We were supposed to take a cruise back in January but that fell through. We were going to go to California with some friends, also fell through. We thought about Bahamas instead… didn’t end up going. Eventually I just made sure I got her in the same room as her family (I wanted them to be around for it) and popped the question; Christmas Morning just after opening presents. Sarah: I had NO IDEA about those elaborate plans. By the time Christmas morning came around, I suspected he was up to something though… he kept picking the wrapping paper up off the floor and at one point asked my brother (very obviously) if he had his camera. Turns out everyone else knew but me.

Special Thanks

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Jerusalem Mill
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