Sarah and Alex


How We Met

It all began our Freshman year at Azusa Pacific University when we were forcefully placed into each others’ lives by a pair of roommates that were dating at the time. Though this forced relationship began as nothing more than a shallow friendship it gradually transitioned from only group hang out sessions to one-on-one coffee or lunch dates. We quickly became best friends and hung out whenever our busy schedules permitted. After 9 months of knowing each other, I realized a crush was developing but suppressed the feelings to avoid awkwardness. During a weekend away in Lake Arrowhead with friends, Alex and I had a long life talk late one night on the porch where he proceeded to not only thank me for being his best friend, but also the sister he never had (I was friend zoned and sibiling zoned at the same time…. never letting him live that down). After that weekend I noticed his behavior and attitude around me start to change but didn’t think anything of it because of our recent conversation about our friendship. Going into the summer of 2014 there were unanswered questions as to where we stood in our relationship, but we continued to text and call each other often and catch up throughout our time apart. My best friend and roommate Ashley, planned a spontaneous trip to come and visit me one weekend before we returned to school and asked Alex if he wanted to join so she didn’t have to make the drive from Orange County to Las Vegas alone. Alex and I both realized that weekend that our relationship was changing and that our feelings for one another had shifted during that summer apart. Alex asked me out on our first date when I returned to Southern California a couple weeks later, and the rest is history.


how they asked

Since I absolutely hate surprises and usually catch on to them pretty quickly, Alex knew he would need to make up a believable plan in order for his proposal to be a surprise. As the beginning of our final fall semester at APU was quickly approaching Alex asked if we could go down to Huntington Beach to meet his parents for dinner the weekend before classes started. I agreed and we made plans to spend the afternoon down by the beach and then meet his parents for dinner later. I spent the morning getting my nails done with my sister and best friend and though I was slightly suspicious, everyone played it off real well and I told myself it wasn’t going to happen that weekend. Alex picked me up and we headed out to Crystal Cove State Park to grab ice cream and then walk along the beach.

Little did I know, Alex had the ring box hidden in his sock, under his pants because his pants were too tight to hide it in his pocket.

When we arrived at Crystal Cove, he made a quick trip to the bathroom where he moved the box from his sock to his waistband. As we walked down the beach and enjoyed our ice cream cones, he kept pointing out different spots he visited while growing up and telling me stories about them. Shortly after I finished my ice cream cone he abruptly stopped me and began to tell me how much he loves me and how amazing our relationship is. At first I thought he was messing with me because he knew I had been suspicious the previous few weeks but he continued speaking and pulled the ring box out of his waistband as he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him.

Once I said yes, he pointed up to the top of the cliff, along the guard rail of PCH, and told me that his family friend Scott, who is a photographer, captured the whole thing.


Scott came down and we had a mini engagement session on the beach. We then went back to Alex’s parents house for dinner where my parents, who drove in from Las Vegas, as well as our siblings, roommates, and best friends surprised me. We spent the evening celebrating with the people who continuously love and encourage us. It was truly a day I will never forget!



Special Thanks

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