Sarah and Adam

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How We Met

I had started attending a spin studio (Flywheel) in my apartment building. I wasn’t looking for anyone but had been dating for fun. There was this guy (Adam) who I thought was super cute! I used to attend the 6AM class before work so was always in a rush. That said, I never made the time to stay after and talk.

One Saturday I had stayed after the noon class to chat with the group. He ended up talking to one of my friends while I was talking to the instructor. We never were formally introduced but I now had a “connection” to him. He later found me on Facebook and added me. This is important, at the time I thought “wow, he noticed me!” Turns out, he just likes to have a lot of friends. ;)

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Date track a few weeks and I was planning on meeting the instructor before class for a run with a few others. This was all established on Facebook. I knew he was going to go and was excited but wanted to keep it cool. I show up and the instructor asked if Adam was coming and if we were friends. I said I wasn’t sure and that we were not. She checked Facebook and he responded that he couldn’t come because he was out of town. Bummer. Anyway, we went on the run and the instructor started dropping hints like “y’all would be really cute together, I can just see you getting married now”. I had to remind her that we have never actually talked!

Then on I made it my goal to say hi to him next class. Well, he stopped showing up. So about a month later, it was Saturday, May 16, 2015, I got the courage to message him on Facebook since that is the only way I knew to communicate with him. We immediately hit it off and planned on going to class together that Monday at 6AM. He even booked the bike next to mine without us planning it.

I showed up to class, we talked briefly before the lights went out and class started, and I left right when it ended so I could get to work. He texted me after I left and said he was going to ask me to dinner but I left too quickly. We planned to have our first date the next day, Tuesday, May 19, 2015.

He picked me up for dinner, it was like we had known each other our whole lives. We literally have not been separated since. The rest is history!

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how they asked

We had our Busch Gardens weekend plan like we had done the previous year. It was our “mini getaway” that we love. We both LOVE rollercoasters and the historic piece of Williamsburg. We were planning to leave Friday afternoon because I scheduled a hair appt that morning. He asked me to change it so we could leave super early. I had called to change it and was luckily able to get in earlier that week. He even called the hair place to make sure (I had no idea).

We left around 7:30AM and got there around 11:30AM. We got SO lucky as the park was practically empty. We didn’t have to wait in any lines and were able to sit front row on all the rides. Because of this, we rode all but one of rides. We passed it and I asked if he wanted to ride it and he said he wanted to wait until later (this was because of timing). We found a restroom because he “had to go” but really was trying to kill time and check in with the other surprise (more to come on that).

He came out and said he wasn’t feeling well from all the rides and that he checked to see if there were any shows. He said there was the pet show that I love playing at 2:30 and it was about 1:45. Of course I said yes because I LOVE that show. We had enough time to ride one more rollercoaster if the line wasn’t too long near the show. We got lucky and made it to the show around 2:10. When they opened the gate I naturally said let’s sit in the front!

We are watching the show and everything is going great. I am LOVING it and we were just enjoying ourselves and being there. The end of the show came (it’s about a 28 minute show) and one of the cats comes out on stage with a ribbon on her neck and a note. I have no idea what it is and really just thought, AW maybe she is getting adopted. The host starts talking about the sheltered animals they adopt, etc, and stops and looks at the cat’s next. She said “looks like you have an important message to give to Adam & Sarah, do we have an Adam & Sarah in the audience?”.

I am SHOCKED, he pulls me out of the seat and up to the stage.

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He unties the ribbon, pulls off the ring and gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him!

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I don’t even know if I said yes, I just started to cry and went to kiss him.

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The best part is he pushed me away and had to ask me to put the ring on!

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We get back to our seats and I just hugged him and cried.

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The show ended and next to us was a professional photographer he had hired (he hired 3). We start to talk to him and I see two of our good friends (his best friend and fiance) coming through the crowd; this was the other surprise I mentioned earlier. I was in total shock and couldn’t stop shaking!

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We spent the next hour riding rides with our friends and calling my parents and his parents. Our friends left the park a little before we did and we left about 45 minutes later. He takes me to this bed & breakfast that was GORGEOUS. We arrive to our friends who had chocolate covered strawberries, roses, champagne, and rose petals everywhere in our room. It was the most memorable and romantic weekend!

We spent the rest of the weekend touring Williamsburg and Yorktown. We also took a 2 hours sunset cruise in Yorktown on a 105 foot sailboat. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal and weekend!

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