Sarah and Adam

how we met

So there we were – Ithaca, NY. I was back in town to see a friend off, and Adam was stumbling his way through a week-long conference. On Adam’s last night in town, we both ended up at the Ithaca Ale House, sitting next to each other. I was with a friend and never noticed the guy sitting next to me, much to Adam’s chagrin!

My friend took off, and I was finishing my drink while talking to other conference goers about Ithaca. Their group was looking to relocate and was having trouble with directions. Of course in typical Me fashion, I offered to lead them to their destination before heading home.

Before I could leave, I heard a voice from behind me ask if I really wanted to leave. At that moment, I met Adam. I sent the group along to their destination, and stayed to have another drink. We spent the next several hours in conversation over beers and ended the night with a walk through the Commons. Adam asked what there was to do around Ithaca, and I offered to show him around the following morning.

The next day, much to my surprise, I got a text and found myself getting breakfast with Adam before he headed home. We kept texting. I went to visit Adam a couple weeks later – our first official date was a hike in the mountains followed by dinner at Brown’s Brewing in Troy, NY.

how they asked

Fast forward through my time in PA School; more trips between NY and CT than either of us can count; vacations to Texas, Maine, Vermont, Virginia; a ridiculous number of weddings; more PA school; a lot of breweries and wineries; my PA school graduation; our big move to Niskayuna; a new job; a new car…

He took me for a hike in Robert Treman State Park in Ithaca, my favorite hike. He proposed with a ring that he picked out – I gave no input. When he asked my parents for their permission, my mom gave him a ring that had a diamond that had been passed down in my grandfathers family (moms dad). Adam used the diamond as the center stone in my engagement ring.

When he got down on one knee, I remember hearing “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”, and I said yes before he finished talking!

Adam surprised me the next day with our friends and family for a special gathering. We also celebrated with tickets to the Cortaca Jug to see a very important Division III college football game (Go Bombers!). We can’t wait to be married and spend the rest of our lives together!!

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