Sarah and Aaron

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How We Met

Aaron and I met at Sarah Lawrence College, in Bronxville, NY, 2012. Our first encounter was at Hillel, but we officially became acquainted in our studio art class in September. He was a senior, and the Professor’s TA, and I was a sophomore. What I noticed about him first was his long curly hair and blue/green eyes and his quiet demeanor. Our studio spaces were on the opposite sides of the room, and occasionally I would find an excuse to walk over to his space and check his work out. We would chat occasionally, but never hung out one on one.

Finally, in December he invited me to check out an exhibit at the Neue Galerie, in NYC. The funny/cute part of that conversation was how he approached it, saying that he had already asked some friends and they were not able to attend and that it would be just the two of us. Of course this was all a cover story, and later on, he told me he was too nervous to just straight up ask. To this day, we call that our “first unofficial date.” Since it was December, and right before the Holidays, everything in the city was decorated and beautiful. On our first excursion out together we went to the museum, walked to the Holiday market, shared some soup, and looked at the Rockefeller Tree. The whole experience was magical. Since we were both busy with finals, and traveling for winter break, I suggested we communicate through email. Unfortunately, after the holidays, we were no longer in the same class, and it became harder to find time to chat.

As spring approached, he was able to attend a few Hillel events, and by then all my friends knew how I felt about him. Anytime he was able to attend an activity, they did their best to make sure Aaron and I worked together. At this point, Aaron says he knew how I felt about him, but both of us were too timid to make a move. As the end of the year approached and his graduation day neared, I knew my days for asking him out were numbered.

On April 18th 2013, he asked me if I wanted to grab some dinner in Bronxville, and I was ecstatic. I thought dinner would be the perfect moment to ask. That night I told my friends, “tonight is the night! I’m going to ask him.” Of course, once again, we were both too shy and timid to take the next step. After dinner and coming home, I felt defeated and sad. My friend (Aixa), stopped me and said “No! You have to go back out there, and ask him! Come on! text him! I’ll go with you!” I nervously sent a text to him, to see what he was up to, and he said he was in the Blue room listening to a band called Big Tree. We both went down there, and I spotted him. Song after song, I kept telling my friend, I’ll ask, I’ll ask. As the last song was playing, I went right up to him, closed my eyes tight, and whispered in his ear, “will you go out with me?” When I pulled back, I saw his blushed, smiling face, and he nodded yes.

Our first official date was April 19th, 2013. Aaron did not want to waste any more time.

how they asked

Our fifth year anniversary was approaching and we both knew we wanted to take the next step. During this time, while Aaron was back in CA, his mother offered him her diamond. She told him, “when the time comes and you both are ready, the diamond will be here for you to use.” When Aaron shared this information with me, I was thrilled. He also shared that he wanted us to create a custom ring together. He wanted to make sure the ring I was going to wear for the rest of my life was something I truly loved. On the inside, I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the next steps to follow. However, during our conversations about marriage, we both agreed, I wanted him to formally surprise me with a proposal.

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Time was flying by and Aaron kept assuring me he had an idea for a proposal in the next couple months. With no custom ring in sight, I was getting antsy and impatient. One month before our anniversary we went to Scosha, a local Jeweler in the neighborhood. I’ve been following her on Instagram for a while, and I’ve always admired her handcrafted jewelry. We worked with Scosha personally, and she made our vision come to life. I was only able to see sketches of the ring, and I would have to wait to see the final ring when he proposed.

When April approached, I had an idea it might happen that month, or maybe in May. As each weekend approached I would get really excited and look for clues of a proposal. I’ll admit, I put the poor guy through the ringer a few times, whenever the day ended and I hadn’t been proposed to. He kept reassuring me and saying “Sarah, I promise, it’s going to happen soon, please just be patient.” It was finally our anniversary weekend, and once again I was looking for hints, but talked myself down and was doing my best to be in the moment. The previous few weeks it was strangely still cool in NY, and not a lot of trees were in bloom yet. That Saturday, it was warm, sunny and perfect for a Central Park outing.

Aaron and I had decided to spend Saturday recreating some of our first memories together. Our first stop was going to be the Neue Galerie, then the boats in Central Park, cherry blossom viewing, and Barney Greengrass. We both got ready and made sure to dress for the warm weather. Once we were done in the museum we headed into Central Park, and towards the boats. After the boat ride, Aaron suggested we check out the cherry blossoms. We wanted to take some photos and were looking for an area that wasn’t too crowded. We found a grove of beautiful white cherry blossoms but when we got closer we noticed a group of photographers. Since we didn’t want people watching us that closely we walked to a smaller cherry blossom tree. As we got closer, Aaron started getting really nervous, which got me nervous and then he said, “I’ve been looking for the perfect spot to do this, but any spot will be perfect, because I love you…”

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April 21st, 2018, Aaron finally proposed to me. I was actually very surprised and flustered. I shed a few tears and hugged him. When I looked at the ring closely he showed me that he had engraved the date of our first official date, that way we could always remember it. Afterward, we asked one the photographers standing nearby to take our photos. The whole experience was surreal and magical. It happened so fast. I wouldn’t change anything. We are still figuring out where and when we want to get married. But for now, we are happy and continue to grow more in love with each other. I’m thankful for the unconditional love he has shown me and can’t wait to spend forever with him.

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