Sara and Matthew

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mesa, Az

How We Met

Matt and I met at one of his art shows. We had a mutual friend who was also part of the show, so I went down to check it out. I was standing looking at Mat’s artwork and he came up to talk to me. We talked for a while and I immediately knew that he was the type of guy I should marry. He was funny and passionate, and it didn’t hurt that he was pretty good looking too:). He invited me to go with a group of people to this local bar after the art show. I went, in hopes of getting to talk with him more but when I got there he was surrounded by a bachelorette party, which I later found out were his co-workers, and I was so bummed that I ended up going home. A FULL YEAR LATER, I was walking into this thrift shop and Matt was walking out, he held the door open for me and we haven’t been apart since.

Where to Propose in Mesa, Az

How They Asked

Matt and I had an absolutely heartbreaking summer. Matt was falsely accused of a crime and it completely pulled the rug out from under us. He is an art teacher so he was temporarily let go from his job, we lost our apartment, and we had to move in with my mom. It was stressful and sad, but through that summer our relationship and our love for each other only grew stronger. We worked our butts off and slowly checked off each item on our list that we needed to do to get back to where we were before this happened. So we finally found a new place to live. Matt’s parents and sister, my mom, and one of our best friends were helping us move into our new house. We finally got everything moved in and were all hanging out in the living room, Matt said that he had something he wanted to say, and I thought he was going to thank everyone for helping us get through this summer but he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!!! It was the absolute last thing I was expecting and I was so over the moon that our families were there for it.

We had been talking about getting engaged for a while, but the situation we were in really put a hold on our plans. Matt had wanted to plan a big proposal with some scenic background, but each time he tried to make a plan, something pushed it back. He told me that the morning of our move he realized that he didn’t need to plan an elaborate proposal and that this was so much more us. We had an impromptu engagement party right after, and it was truly the most perfect day!!

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