Sara-Lane and Stevie

How We Met: Stevie and I met in Nashville, TN during the summer of 2011. Stevie had just accepted a freelance design position at CMT, Country Music Television, that March, and I was offered a summer internship in the design department at CMT, so I moved there for the summer that May. I quickly became friends with Stevie as well as several other coworkers in the design department. We all hung out several times a week, and Stevie was almost always the one inviting me to hang outs, movies, events, etc. I immediately noticed how sweet (and cute) he was and could not fathom the fact that he was single. As we spent time together, there was actually never a time that we did not end up sitting beside each other – whether it be at church, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. I know it’s silly but it was something I kept up with – and was happy with the results. It meant a lot to me that he always wanted to be beside me and talk to me, since I was in a new city and didn’t know many people. He always made me feel welcome and at ease, and I knew there was something special about him. We started dating officially at the end of July, after becoming quick pals and seeing that there was more there than friendship.

how they asked: My grandparents own a cabin out at the lake in Paris, TN, and I have been going there since birth. This is a special place to me and somewhere that I wanted to bring Stevie when we first started dating. The first time he came with me to the cabin, we carved our names in this old, very large tree in the woods behind the cabin. People have been carving their names in this tree for years and years, from complete strangers to my family. I was honestly a bit hesitant to carve our names together and jokingly said I didn’t want to have to scratch his name out if it didn’t work out between us (although I so hoped it would). He insisted I had absolutely nothing to worry about and that I should just let him carve our names. So I did…

Image 1 of Sara-Lane and Stevie

Fast forward almost four years later, he brought me back to “the carving tree” as we call it, and asked me to marry him. One sweet surprise we found when we trekked down to the tree to “take pictures of our names” was that lightning had struck two connected branches and when they fell, they landed leaning against the carving tree. Since they were connected at the end, the conjoining branches made a wishbone shape, and the center of where it landed was right above where our names were carved. It created a sort of arbor that we stood under when he proposed, and we like to think God put that there to add a sweet little touch to our engagement.

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Photography by Cale Baskin and Heath Baskin