Sara and Zander

How We Met

Zander and I met at band camp our Freshman year of high school in 2006. We connected because we both had the same history: born in Mississippi, both our dads worked at the same company which transferred both of our families to New England, and then both of our families ended up coming back to Mississippi, where we finally met. He was on the drumline & I was on the color guard.

Sara's Proposal in Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

I was immediately smitten because we had so much in common, him not so much. He was the new kid in town and did not have any interest in a girlfriend. But through the years we would date other people, break up, then come back to each other. We never officially dated until St. Patricks Day of 2016. Shortly after we moved in together. It feels like we have been together this entire time, 13 years!

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how they asked

Zander’s best friend’s girlfriend is studying Biology & does routine dives in the aquariums at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science to feed the fish. I wanted to go to the pumpkin patch that day, but Z insisted that we go to the science museum & watch her dive instead. When we got there, there were some kids waiting to see the dive with their parents. One of the museum directors plugged up her microphone and started walking us through the dive and telling us about all the fish the diver was feeding.

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The diver ended up not being our friend, but we watched anyway. Towards the end of the dive, the diver swam up to the top of the tank and came back down with a small sign. He swam towards the glass holding up a sign that said: “Sara, it’s always been you”. We always tell each other that “it’s always been you” because we always came back to each other when our other relationships ended.

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By this time my best friend, a photographer, jumps out and is taking photos, and I look down to see Zander on one knee with a ring that everyone has described as “so me”. After that all I remember is tears and shaky hands; I had to ask Z if I even said yes!

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