Sara and Troy

How We Met

Being from New England I never imagined myself living in Florida until a visit to see my parents. I was living with my sister, brother-in-law and niece in Louisiana. For Rylee and I’s birthdays we wanted to go see my parents and take a trip to Disney. Little did I know I would meet the love of my life while I was there.

When I got to my parent’s house they told me that they had asked a local lifeguard to take me out on his boat and show me around. When I walked downstairs and spotted Troy in my kitchen, talking with my parents and grandparents, I couldn’t help but say “WOW” (yes, I said wow out loud). We had a great day out on the water, we exchanged numbers and decided that we wanted to see each other again before I left. A day went by and I did not hear anything from him. I thought that was a bit odd, he seemed to like me. The following day I was out with my dad and my (now) sister-in-law at a bar on New Smyrna Beach and in walks Troy! We were all talking and having a good time, but in my head I was confused. Come to find out, he accidentally gave me the wrong number. (Anybody that knows Troy would know that this is something he would do, he is very forgetful sometimes).

Sara and Troy's Engagement in Sarasota Florida

We got the numbers all figured out and I went back to Louisiana. We talked every single day that I was gone and three weeks later I moved to Florida! We have been together for five years now and I cannot wait for the many years to come!

how they asked

Valentine’s Day morning was a pretty normal morning. I went to the gym, then met up with Troy at our favorite breakfast spot. Once we finished breakfast Troy told me that he had a surprise for me and to jump in his truck. 5 minutes down the road I asked him what we were going to do and he told me we were going for a couples massage! A few minutes later I got a text from his friend who is a massage therapist telling me that I am going to love this spa that we were heading to. Once we pulled up I realized we were in an airport parking lot. Confused and knowing the dare devil that Troy is I told him there was no way I was going sky diving! He told me we weren’t going sky diving, just for a helicopter ride. I was so excited, I love helicopters.

Once we were in the lobby I was curious and looked for the outline of a ring box shape in his pockets. His pockets were empty. We were in the helicopter site seeing and we flew up to one of his lifeguard towers, in front of the tower was a 50 foot sand sculpted heart that said “Sara Marry Me?” The ring box was hidden in his sock! I cannot wait to start this new chapter with the man of my dreams.

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