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How We Met

Tim: One of my best friends was going through a tough time, so I was doing my best to console him the way that guys do – drinking. We started early and kept up the pace for nearly the entire day. The extended therapy session brought us into a poorly themed Western bar in Hollywood which was crowded by a pirate-themed pub crawl and I was starting to lose my motivation. I remember planting myself firmly in the corner booth to avoid the masses. When it was my buddy’s turn for the next round, I watched him make his way towards the bar and that’s when Sara walked in. It’s fun to point out that Sara had green paint across her eyes and in her hair which I learned later on was costume makeup for a TV show in which she was playing Poison Ivy. This all seemed quite fitting for the day we were waving. So there she is, green makeup and all and honestly, it felt like a movie moment. Time had stopped, the crowd had seemed to vanish and all I could see was Sara and my best friend going right for her!

“Oh no!” I told myself, “she’s too beautiful and my friend is too drunk and too miserable.” I don’t know why, but I felt as if I needed to save her from him and to be fair, I wasn’t wrong. By the time I had made it to them, he had just finished telling her his disappointment with the world. I put my hand on my friend’s shoulder, asked him to get a round for all of us and introduced myself. We haven’t been apart since.

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Sara: I was working on set for a well-known TV show and the character I was playing was dressed as Poison Ivy for Comic-Con. We didn’t wrap until 9:30pm that night and my friends were all doing a pirate bar crawl in Hollywood. I decided to not go home and proceeded to go to the bar crawl in my Poison Ivy face and green hair pony tail. It drew attention but nothing too crazy for Hollywood. My friends were all wearing pirate clothes so it all kind of worked. When I got to the second bar and I finally was ready for a drink. Within two minutes a guy comes up to me with a cast and tells me how he’s disappointed in the world. I asked him what happened to his hand. Then a guy wearing a smiley face T-shirt comes right behind him and saves me / steals me away. We talked and stared at each other for about 3 hours. I didn’t give him my number at the end of it all. I said if you want to see me just meet me at this place tomorrow at 6. ;) We’ve been together ever since.

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how they asked

Tim: I always wanted this moment to be special for Sara so it made sense to me that our love for traveling would provide the opportunity. I had just finished Grad school at the American Film Institute and some work related opportunities in Europe. The plan started to take shape and I found a way to stretch out a one-month tour of work and travel. After picking the ring, which is an incredibly daunting task, I knew I wanted to propose at some point on the trip. I was on pins and needles for weeks as we crossed multiple borders, airport security, tight living quarters and shared suitcases. At some points I’d have the ring in my pocket as I snuck it past Sara from one hiding spot to the other. We traveled through France, Monaco, Romania and Greece before landing in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Dubrovnik was special for a lot of reasons; it was the first country we were not working in, so we could really relax and also because Sara’s parents had been married in Dubrovnik almost thirty years before. I hadn’t quite figured out how but I definitely knew this would be the place. Every day I carried the ring in my pocket or sock, waiting for the right moment and it actually snuck up on me. It was an extremely hot day out and we were touring the castle walls of the city. The final spot was the highest tower of the castle.

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It was breathtaking, romantic, special. A rush had come over me. I knew this was it. It was really strange because there were a lot of other tourists. Sara and I were struggling to get a picture without someone else in the shot. This is important to mention because I wanted to film the proposal. I started getting really nervous so I told Sara to sit by the wall and that I was going to set up my camera for a picture of us using the timer. I went across to the other side of the tower and started fumbling with my camera – my hands were shaking as I tried to frame up the shot. As I looked through the viewfinder, something amazing happened that I can’t explain – everyone but Sara cleared out of the frame. Sometime tells me that everyone else there felt it and they all politely just moved to the side. THIS WAS IT!

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I pressed record and clumsily made my way towards her. I’ll never forget the look on her face when I slid the ring on her finger and asked her to marry me (I was so nervous I said, “will you be my wife” and put the ring on her middle finger…. oh god, I had practiced so many times in my head and it all went wrong! – lucky for me, she loves me anyways.) Sara kissed me and the crowd around us clapped. The video worked and that special moment is ours forever.

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Sara: We were packing for a month in Europe. All of my friends were telling me “it’s going to happen on this trip! He’s going to propose!” I didn’t think so. Truthfully. Not because I didn’t think we were ready (I was ready believe me…. Grad school is no joke) but we were going to 5 countries. I didn’t think he would carry a ring through all that! But he did!

And after France, Monaco, Romania, and Greece with no proposal I was pretty sure I was right and my friends were wrong……until Dubrovnik, Croatia. I was really excited for this part of the trip. My family and I are from former Yugoslavia. My mom grew up in Dubrovnik and my aunts and cousins still live there, I visited them in the same house my grandfather built almost 60 years ago. I was ready to show Tim my heritage and show him my roots. When we got to Dubrovnik my whole body felt magic. I couldn’t wait to show Tim everything!

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After 3 days of good food, beautiful beaches and new friends for our last day we decided to walk the castle walls. It was very hot and Tim was carrying his camera around pretty much melting and needing breaks and shade every 5 mins. I thought it was cute he couldn’t believe how long the walk was. We finally made it to the last tower, the tallest over-looking all of Dubrovnik. Tim asked me to sit and he would set up the camera for a picture. He was over there fiddling with the camera for a good 5 mins and I was just thinking to myself, what is he doing? Tim knows how to use a camera, (he has an Emmy for it, lol)

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So the fact it was taking so long was weird, but I didn’t think more of it. He cutely runs over to me and I’ll never forget his face, his shaking hands and his sweet words. I quickly kissed him and then he put the ring on the wrong finger. It was adorable and I was completely surprised.

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