Sara and Tim

how we met

Tim and I have a long time mutual friend, Blake, who never thought to introduce us. I was at the gym with Blake when Tim showed up and our friend made the official introduction. After that chance meeting, Tim added me on Facebook and messaged me. Nearly 2.5 years later, Tim clearly never stopped talking! Fun fact: Blake is now going to be our officiant!

how they asked

We planned a house party to celebrate my December birthday. We had a huge turnout, with nearly all of our favorite people there – our siblings included. Tim had other proposal plans initially, but I was catching on to his plan and he realized that. He changed his plans and proposed to me at my birthday party surrounded by everyone we love. It was a group effort to slyly get me out of the living room to the kitchen, then back to living room for the proposal. He had an engraved dog tag on our pup that read, “Woof you marry me?” When I turned back to him he was down on one knee. Birthday party turned engagement party was definitely a surprise and I could not have planned a better proposal myself!

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