Sara and Steven

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How We Met

Steven and I met circa 2002, from the moment we saw each other we grew into each other’s childhood crush. Through high school we had our own friends and relationships. After years of crushing on each other but never having the willpower to talk to each other, who would’ve thought that summer of 2011 would be the beginning of something so beautiful. My best friend Nicole called me on a late May night to get coffee and hang out at this boy ‘Stevens’ house. I said yes but had no idea that this night would be part of our history. We stayed at Steven’s parents house till 4 am and (Steven and I) made plans to hang out later that week, and yes the rest is history.

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Fun Fact: When our fathers met each other little did they know they had already met growing up in the same town – it is a very small world!

how they asked

We planned a trip to Guanacaste, Costa Rica in January of 2016 to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. When the day finally came about in early July Steven hinted at a restaurant he was looking forward to eating at in Playa del Coco. When we arrived at 3:00 p.m. to our resort Steven told me to be ready by 5:00 p.m. on the dot and to be dressed up nice. I was excited for a cool dinner at a trendy hot spot in Costa Rica I did not think my dream of becoming his fiance was coming true until we walked right through the restaurant and noticed one private setting for two on the beach far from their regular seating.

I was so excited for dinner and to be able to watch the sun go down with the love of my life. We took pictures for a little to remember the moment then Steven asked the owner of Cafe de Playa to please take a picture of us facing the ocean, I faced the camera and realized Steven was not, he was facing me. I kept telling Steven “babe you’re facing the wrong way”, then I quickly realized my boyfriend now fiance was proposing to me. He got down on one knee and looked me in my eyes, pulled out the most beautiful ring and said so many beautiful words.

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I cried of excitement, my childhood crush became my boyfriend and now my fiance. I can’t wait to plan the wedding of my dreams and share the rest of my life with Steven!