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Spencer is an extremely thoughtful and creative guy (if you haven’t gathered that already from the link to the video he made for the proposal). We met three years ago, through mutual friends we went to college with and I felt like I had know him for years the first night we met. We have gone on many adventures in Northern Minnesota as well as vacations to visit friends and family across the country in our three years of dating. Spencer has always had a gift for creating videos and conveying emotion- I was used to him always having his camera or drone out.

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Little did I know, he had a plan and was being very strategic with all of the videos he had been taking of us over the past few years.

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For the proposal he had rented out a movie theater on a Tuesday night in March which was when we were used to going to movies (because of the $5 tickets and free popcorn) and while I thought we were going to see La La land and waiting for the previews to start playing, I see a video of us start to play on the big screen (the video in the link above) and once the video was finished, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him and had our favorite photographer there ready to capture it all.

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As we exited the theater and came down the escalator he had all of our friends and family waiting to congratulate us and we went across the street for a drink. I am so so grateful for his thoughtfulness and am so honored to get to become his wife in 17 months!

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