Sara and Sean

Sara and Sean's Engagement in Craggy Gardens, NC

How We Met

It was a cold football Sunday and I was working late at the bar. As I was preparing different ways to ditch a date that I had later that night, Sean walked in and nothing was ever the same. He was tall, handsome and so charming that he convinced me to cancel my date and have a drink with him instead. We spent the remainder of the night together, eating horrible food and talking until we said our goodbyes. The following day, Sean asked if I would like to go on a date that Friday. Of course, I said yes. We couldn’t wait until Friday though and actually ended up seeing each other a few days before our date! When Friday finally did arrive, both of us knew that we were already in deep.

Sara's Proposal in Craggy Gardens, NC

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From Sean:

I knew that I wanted to marry Sara pretty early on in our relationship. I didn’t have much when we started dating but I did have a GoPro and a little creativity. That being said, I spend almost 3 years filming every adventure and special moment in our lives so that when it came time to propose she would not expect that I had anything up my sleeve.

When the ring arrived (like most guys) I couldn’t wait to propose right away. I called Sara and convinced her that I was having a bad week and I’d really like to get away and watch the sunrise on top of the Craggy Gardens outside of Asheville which is “our” place. The kicker is that Craggy was 2 hours away, the sun rose at 6:42 am that day and Sara is not a morning person.

Lucky for me Sara woke up super early, slept the majority of the drive and then literally ran up the mountain.

Once we reached the summit, I set up my GoPro, poured some coffee and prepared to ask her to marry me.

Needless to say, she said “yes.”

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