Sara and Scott

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How We Met

Scott is the son of Pastor’s Sharon and Tom Huff and the oldest of five children. He enjoys the outdoors, riding bikes and hiking, and has always had a affinity for sleight of hand magic. After living in the likes of northern Michigan and Wisconsin his family settled in Howell, MI which is what he considers his hometown. Traveling to Columbus to study chemistry he met his stunning fiance first after having won a competition of chubby bunny. Scott would go on to win many food related challenges, his big mouth and stomach being an asset in such competitions. Scott would eventual leverage his position as the daring president of the Chemistry Club to woo Sara into a date. From there is was nearly impossible for Sara to resist his sly charm and ruggedly handsome looks.

Sara is the daughter of Todd and Sheree Monroe and the youngest of two (Scott is also her brother’s name!). She enjoys crafting, reading, riding bikes and just being outside. Sara lived her whole live in Washington Court House, Ohio where she played soccer and worked at the local Dairy Queen. She moved to Bexley/Columbus to attend Capital University, where she also majored in Chemistry. Being a very small school to start, and both having the same major, it didn’t take long for Scott to begin his pursuit.

Sara and Scott both attended Capital University, a small liberal arts college in Bexley, Ohio. They were also both Chemistry/Biochemistry majors with a Biology minor. Both having the majority of their classes in Battelle Hall, as well as being members of the same groups, led to many encounters and chances for Scott to lay the mack down. Now I say Scott, but we really all know it was Sara who first began the pursuit. Many a times she strolled into his apartment with cooking supplies in hand to whip up him and his roomates some delicous treats. Everyone knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and before long Scott asked Sara out for a formal date taking her to Dui Amici’s in the heart of downtown Columbus. The rest, as they say, is history.

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how they asked

The summer following Sara’s graduation from Capital, Sheree Monroe (Sara’s mom) was kind enough to take us on a week long trip to Costa Rica. The crew consisted of Sara, Scott, Sheree, Aunt Vicki (Sara’s aunt), and McKenzie (Sara’s cousin). It was Scott’s 1st excursion out of the United States, save for a 15 minute bout in Canada just to say he went. The trip was a combination of a graduation celebration for Sara and a relaxing trip before both of us started medical school in the fall. Scott saw this a a great opportunity to get Sara on the lock down before she could meet any new cute, smart medical school boys.

Throughout the week, Sara and Scott picked up little pieces of shells and rotting drift wood and joking exchanged them as “tokens of love”. The night of the proposal we were all staying in the beautiful J.W. Marriot in Guanacaste. Everyone was in on it except for Sara, and Sheree suggested a walk down to the beach before dinner because it was our last night there. Scott and Sara took the lead and walked down towards the water, and without Sara’s noticing, everyone else stopped. Scott found a tiny nut on the beach and presented it to Sara as a token of his love. While examining her new wonderful water logged nut, Scott pulled the ring out of his back pocket and professed, “Here’s another token of my love” while getting down on one knee. (Sara’s insert: He was shaking so badly that I didn’t want to let go of him so he could get down on one knee!)

“Will you marry me?” asked Scott, and thank goodness, because it would have been horribly awkward otherwise, Sara said “Yes”!

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