Sara and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan set his sites on me after meeting me with some mutual friends at the Spanish Town Parade in Baton Rouge, LA in 2015. Some friends and I host a weekly girl’s nights to watch “The Bachelor” and he made a plan with some of my friends involved to “crash” the girl’s night so he could make his move on me. Completely unaware that Ryan was there for me, he brought my favorite wine and then offered to host next week’s meeting which entailed cooking for all of the girls. After hosting girl’s night at his home, I was still totally clueless that Ryan was hopeful to earn my affection. It took a handful of whiskey drinks and a few days later for Ryan to finally work up the courage to ask me out. I was the reigning Miss Louisiana United States so I was attending Baton Rouge’s Race for the Cure at 8 am to pass out roses to the survivors passing the finish line.

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Ryan said he wanted to go to the event with me, but I didn’t think he was serious. Ryan was at my door at 7 am with a dozen red roses. Not only did Ryan show up on time, but he stayed with me throughout the entire event, passing out roses and encouraging runners as they passed through the finish line. For a month and a half, I let Ryan pursue me, but I wouldn’t even let him kiss me! But Ryan knew what he wanted. After I got back from a girl’s trip to Vegas, a group of friends including Ryan decided to go out. While there, Ryan said a girl had walked up to him, shoved something in his hand, and said not to open it till he got back to the table. It was a 20 dollar bill with the girl’s number written on it. My insides burned with jealousy, and at that moment that I knew I had fallen for Ryan. After leaving, I told Ryan how what happened upset me and I didn’t want anyone else to have him. Ryan instantly went to Facebook, and said, “well let’s make it official!”

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how they asked

Ryan and I decided to celebrate his birthday in Mexico. The day of, we spent the entire day at the beach soaking up the sun and lots of margaritas. Ryan had set up a friend to catch the proposal at sunset, so once we got back to the room, Ryan started rushing me to get ready (like always so I didn’t think anything of it). Ryan ended up falling asleep while I was getting ready, so I decided to let him rest which would also allow me to take my time. When I finished getting ready he immediately asked what time it was, then we rushed off to dinner. As we were walking up to the restaurant, Ryan said that he wanted to go to the beach. I was confused and hangry asked why he wanted to go to the beach at night but I grudgingly obliged. As we approached the beach, I saw the friend we had met at the pool the first day. “Fancy meeting you here. We were just about to go to dinner if you want to ….” before I could finish my sentence, the camera started flashing. I was even more confused now! But when I turned around, Ryan was on his knee!

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