Sara and Ryan

Where to Propose in His grandparents lakefront house.

How We Met

Ryan and I met my freshman year of college on a blind date! He and a few friends needed dates to their fraternity formal, so they asked my grandbig in my sorority if she knew anyone she could set them up with. She was originally going to set Ryan up with someone else and me up with Ryan’s now best man for our wedding, but decided against it and had us go together instead! We had never met each other leading up to the (weekend long) formal, so we were both pretty nervous. We ended up playing beer pong all night and although tartan carried the team the whole night, we knew from the beginning we would make great partners!

Sara and Ryan's Engagement in His grandparents lakefront house.

How They Asked

His birthday was coming up and mentioned he wanted to go to a restaurant on Lake Minnetonka (which happens to be my favorite restaurant) as his birthday dinner. After we ate he mentioned going out on the boat with his parents and our dog for a quick ride and that we had to meet them at his grandparents’ house (which is on the lake). Once we got there he said they were running late so we walked to their backyard to look out at the lake, he then mentioned that this exact night was how we spent our first night together when I visited him for the first time 4 years prior.

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and after I said yes, my 3 best friends popped out from their hiding place to surprise me! Once we left, we went back to his parents where he planned an engagement party with all our friends and family! It was perfect.