Sara and Russell

how we met

Russell and I first met on June 18, 2015 through a mutual friend, however, we were both at two different stages in our life. Fast forward a year later and he was brought up into a conversation by that same friend. Little did I know I was going to run into Russ that same week, I strongly believe this was fate. Because when its meant to be, it’s meant to be, and there is no way to stop what is destined. We exchanged numbers and it took me a few months to agree to finally go on a date with him, and the rest is history.

Sarah's Proposal in The Beekman Hotel
Where to Propose in The Beekman Hotel

Sarah and Russell's Engagement in The Beekman Hotel


We travel to New York City often, so it wasn’t a surprise when he told me we need to go for a business meeting. New York City has always played a special part is our lives as it is the city where we fell in love. A few weeks before our trip, Russ informed me of a black and white attire business event we would attend the first night. When we got there and checked into our room, Russ was acting strange and told me that he is nervous to meet these investors. Well, if you know Russ, you know he is never nervous. I couldn’t put my finger on it, so when he went to go “meet the guy” while I was getting ready, I did not find it to be a big deal. Meanwhile he went upstairs to the rooftop terrace suite (he had to get two rooms so I wouldn’t figure it out) to make sure everything was going as planned.

Russell proposed on the night of the Full Moon on Friday September 13, 2019. Magical is an understatement, as this was over and above my dreams. I was left speechless and felt like I was in a fairytale movie. Russell had planned everything to perfection, from my favorite flowers, music, colors; down to my favorite food. After the proposal we walked around town for pictures followed by a romantic and private dinner in our suite. When I first met Russell, I knew he was the one and with him, I learned what love really is. We have been by each other’s side through the happiest of times and through the hardest, this is what defines love. I know he is my soulmate and I, his. Love is more than just a feeling, it takes commitment, compromise, communication, understanding, and above all, selflessness.

Being like the FBI agent that I am (aren’t we all?), I’m surprised he was able to sneak this one past me. Everyone was on board from the moment we walked into our hotel. Thank you to everyone who made the night so memorable!

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