Sara and Reed

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How We Met

Reed and I met while we were in high school when I joined the church choir he was apart of. We became immediate friends through the power of sarcastic jabs. During my senior year, his sophomore, we hung out and talked regularly. After a long time of being too afraid to admit we had a crush on each other, we dated the summer after I graduated. However, different schools and cities and phases of life sent us back to being just friends. We spent the next few years growing up separately, although occasionally keeping in contact. After Reed graduated high school we talked more and more, and when he started college only an hour away from me, it wasn’t long until we started dating again.

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how they asked

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We long knew that we were the perfect person for each other. After 2 years together, we decided we wanted to be formally engaged in a way that was unique to us. We tend to bend or disregard entirely just about every gender stereotype. Also, I hate surprises because I’m always the planner! Therefore, we decided a mutual proposal was best for us. We each bought each other a ring (through the help of friends and not-so-casual questions). On that Friday night, I spent some time hanging out with the girls of our friend group while Reed and his friends prepared the location. My best friend came to town to guide me through the woods Reed had decorated with lights. We then sat on a couch they’d brought out, declaring our inner-most reasons for wanting to be together forever. After many tears and yeses and hugs, all our friends came out from the dark woods to congratulate us. We spent the rest of the night eating pizza and playing card games with just about everyone we know. It was so wonderful to have so much community support of our relationship and engagement.

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