Sara and Noah

How We Met

We met in college! I was on the dance team and he was on the basketball team. But we casually knew of each other that way. The real way we got to know each other was running into each other at the airport when we were both leaving school for winter break. Get this; I never fly Southwest, he always flies Southwest. On this trip, I just happen to be flying Southwest! We became friends and spoke all of the breaks! And that continued when we got back to school!

How They Asked

Well, I was CONVINCED Noah would ask in Colorado because he lives there now and we are doing this long-distance thing. I was going to Colorado for work so I figured that would make the most sense! But NO! I was with a friend at the sunflower fields running an errand with her- which is a normal thing because I am the person who goes with all my friends to run errands- so I didn’t think anything!

I should have known when friends asked me to look not gross for breakfast but I was SO convinced it would happen in Colorado that I really did not even think twice at anything. My friend Ingrid says to me “your dress looks great with the flowers Sara, walk ahead in the field and I’ll take pictures of you!” And again, I did not think anything of that because we go take pictures at the sunflower fields literally always!

Then Ingrid said something to me that I didn’t hear, so I turned to ask her what she said and I see Noah crossing the street walking toward me and my face just expresses horror! Only because I start to realize how bamboozled I was by EVERYONE! I just stare at Noah with my jaw dropped shaking! He gets on a knee, tells me how much he loves me, and asks me to marry him and be his forever… my ring looks like a sunflower/ the sun because of how much I love both!

I am still in shock!

He also got on my flight and we flew back to Colorado arm-in-arm as almost husband and wife!

Special Thanks

David Massillon
 | Photographer