Sara and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I were first introduced by a mutual friend when I was fresh 21. My coworker, at the time, Ashley, often told me about her friend, Nick, and would state with passion that we were meant for each other! Ashley and I often worked alongside one another and after much badgering and many conversations where she stated her friend was my soulmate, I agreed to meet him. I thought Nick was amazing from the start; however, being fresh 21, I barely knew who I was and was afraid of my own shadow. Although I was the loud, funny friend you often brought along to keep the convo going in potentially awkward situations, I had no idea how to act around someone I liked, so I found it hard to be myself.

Nick and I continued to hang out on several more occasions but I often found myself too nervous to meet up with him if we were not in a group situation or without the help of a few cocktails to relieve my nerves. Due to my intermittent flaking, Nick and I eventually lost touch over time. Nick and I eventually began new relationships over time but I always thought about “the one that got away.”

How They Asked

Nick and I love the outdoors and we had talked about going to Yosemite National Park since the beginning of our relationship. In May 2018, Nick surprised me with a spur of the moment road trip where we would stay near Bass Lake outside of Yosemite and then tour the park the following day.

After touring the park all day, Nick casually suggested that we check out a trail that leads to Vernal Falls prior to leaving. The view of the waterfall was breathtaking and well worth the hike! I claimed a spot closest to the waterfalls dropping point and began to film the magnificent scene before me! As I spun around, Nick dropped to his knee and pulled out the ring! I could not have been more surprised and more touched by the thoughtful timing of his proposal! We had dreamed of going there since we began dating and it was so special to truly memorialize our trip with a memory we will never forget!


Special Thanks

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