Nicholas and Sara's Amazing Street Art Proposal

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How We Met

“This was never supposed to happen” is our favorite way to explain our relationship! After meeting on the newly popular dating app, Tinder, in July of 2013, Nick and I kept it pretty cool. We weren’t each others types and well, I can now say the phrase “opposites attract” is a real thing. After three months of casually dating, we were both surprised to realize that even though neither of us was looking for a relationship, we didn’t want to be with anyone else. We quickly made it exclusive, moved in together and started what would become the easiest and most fulfilling relationship we’ve both ever been in. Soon after our first year together, the questions on when we’d get married started pouring in and Nick did his best to fend them off before finally telling all our family and friends that by June 2016 we’d be engaged! On June 1, 2016 we even received reminders from our family… you know… just in case he had forgotten!

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how they asked

We live in New York City and spend our weekends wandering around and Sunday, June 12th was no different. We rode Citibike, grabbed a few drinks in Meatpacking, hung out in Washington Square Park and ended the day by having dinner with Nick’s parents. At around 6:30pm I started getting anxious as I really wanted to be home in time for the Tony’s! After stating my intentions to be home by 8pm multiple times, I found myself still sitting on their couch scrolling through his mom’s iPhone photos, frustrated that we still hadn’t left. I stumbled upon a picture of some graffiti and asked what it was. Nick quickly grabbed the phone from me echoing my question excitedly. His mother explained that the photo was taken in Buffalo, where they live, and that their city is quickly becoming trendy. Without a second thought I moved on as I realized it was almost 8pm. Finally at 8:05pm we left and Nick asked if we could walk home instead of riding bikes as he wanted to walk past some street art he heard about on St. Marks.

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Since it is extremely common for Nick to seek out graffiti around the city, and he had already mentioned wanting to see this particular painting a few times that weekend, I grumpily agreed. To be fair, it was only a few blocks away from our apartment in the East Village, but I reminded him that we were already five minutes late for the show so we needed to hurry! As we were approaching First Avenue and St. Marks, Nick pointed out that the mural on the South West corner of the street was the same one we had seen on his mom’s phone! He then told me to jump in the middle and that he was going to text a photo of it to her since she was clearly confused about where she took it. A minute later he walked up to me and asked which photo I preferred by showing me the two pictures he took.

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In true “Sara” fashion, I zoomed in on the photo, taking care to see which I looked best in, completely ignoring the mural in the background. Nick, still shocked that I am not seeing the “writing on the wall” that clearly says “will you marry me” on the second image, continued to hold up his phone with the photo on it while also opening up his other hand to reveal the ring. After looking at both of these things together, doing a double-take of the mural behind me to see what the heck that gold writing was, since I hadn’t remembered seeing it when we walked up, and hearing two bystanders say “I think he’s about to propose,” Nick got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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I immediately said yes (I think, since at this point i’m pretty sure I blacked out) and jumped into his arms! Most of the time the ring is the most exciting ending to an engagement story and while it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and more than I ever imagined I’d be lucky enough to get, it wasn’t until after the proposal that Nick began explaining that this was MY mural and not just a “marry me wall” he found on Thrillest or Timeout New York, which was my assumption. That he concepted a design that represented our relationship and what I meant to him, that he reached out to a friend, Julian Marshall who introduced him to Ashton Agbomenou, a local NYC artist, to paint it. That he was leaving work early for months to scout for walls around the city that he could ‘legally’ paint on and that they came up with the idea of using Volvo safety paint to do the big reveal as this paint is only visible with a flash and would be way more exciting. Even explaining that the outfit in the painting was based on my favorite dress. He shared all of this with me on a bench, in our new spot, in the middle of our neighborhood in New York City, and that is when the tears started to pour. To think that the person I get to marry went to all this effort to ask me to be his for the rest of our lives is by far the best moment of my life so far. From what I heard, Hamilton had a great night at the Tony’s, but nothing could have compared to mine.

Special Thanks

Ashton Agbomenou
 | Artist
Julian Masrhall
 | Director