Sara and Nicholas

Sara and Nicholas's Engagement in Vista of Maine

How We Met

We met in high school, we weren’t very close until Sara got me a job working for her dad after high school. She worked there too at the time, and we became really good friends. To the point where she actually friend zoned me, for a really long time. Just when I thought I’d never escape the friend zone, she told people “I could love nick if he wasn’t a smoker” and that was it, I quit cold turkey.

How They Asked

Sara won a free photoshoot last year, and lucky for me, she wanted to wait until this fall to take them. I knew I wanted to ask her at this photoshoot so I got in touch with the photographer, Ranissa, and let her know. I also asked if it was possible to video the whole thing because I knew we’d love to have it, luckily her boyfriend, Alex was available.

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Special Thanks

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