Sara and Mike

Sara and Mike's Engagement in Dukmejian Park

how they asked

He told me he has a surprise date on Sunday that he was taking me on. Sunday came and as soon as we got in the car he explained it was a two-part date called the “double sunsets”. He had this whole story about how we were going to watch the sunset from the mountains and then drive to Malibu and watch the sunset there. So we arrive at Deukmejian Park and he has champagne glasses, a picnic blanket, and a journal. We sit down and he starts talking about all the reasons he loves me and loves being with me then says “ok let’s stand and pray.” Me being very suspicious is, of course, asking why we need to stand to pray? I pray then he prays and drops to one knee and we both laughed and cried. Then he asked me the most important question of my life to which the response was of course YES! We had an hour photo shoot and then an engagement party with all our closest family and friends that followed.

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