Sara and Mike

How They Asked

On a Thursday night after work, my boyfriend (Mike) gave me a card for our 5th dating anniversary that said: “pack your bags, we’re flying to Toronto tomorrow morning at 7 am!” He picked Toronto because it was the location of the first trip we took together 4 months into our relationship, so it was a perfect surprise (which I thought would be the only surprise, ha)! While in Toronto the next day, we brunched and explored the city, and even though it was pretty cold and rainy, we were having a great time, as we always do on trips together. He also conspired with the hotel to arrange access to the club lounge (for afternoon drinks and amazing views) and champagne with chocolate covered strawberries in our room – a nice touch! The next day, we went to brunch and as we finished eating, he said he didn’t feel well, so we slowly walked around the city. Just when I almost couldn’t stand the aimless wandering (and slow walking…can’t help it, I’m a New Yorker) any longer, I was ecstatic when the sun started to come out and Mike suggested we should take the ferry over to the island across from the city. Once we got off the boat, we started walking toward the water’s edge. It was nice, but we walked through large clusters of bugs (that we probably swallowed) and there was garbage everywhere along the water (which I learned later freaked Mike out because he was trying to find the perfect spot to get down on one knee!).

Where to Propose in Toronto, Canada

Finally, we found an area without garbage and a cute little picnic table. Mike said he was setting up the camera for a selfie (it was actually a video so he could record the entire thing in case I wanted it). As he came around the table to pose, he went to hug me and knocked my sunglasses off my head….he was thrilled, of course, as he was starting to get very nervous! After he picked them up, we stood there looking out at all of Toronto, arms around each other. I lied saying that I didn’t notice anything when he asked later, but I could feel his heart POUNDING. Finally, he bent over…and his shoe was “untied.” I believed him because he was wearing a new pair of shoes that kept coming untied the entire weekend! But this time, it was to grab the ring, and he proceeded to turn around on while on one knee and asked me the best question in the world! In true Sara fashion (that’s me), I don’t think I let him get more than 3 words out until I said “PUT THAT RING ON MY FINGER ALREADY!” and there it was, the most beautiful ring I could have ever imagined, and I said yes.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Toronto, Canada