Sara and Mattia

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How We Met

Well, I don’t really know where to start..9 years ago I moved to Sardinia for work, to be as near as possible to the campsite where I worked I choose a village called Narbolia where to live.

Four and a half years ago a guy came into the office giving me his curriculum, he was dressed as a building worker, he has dreadlocks, I would say not my “type” so I took the curriculum said thank you to him and that I would give it to my superior.

A few days later I saw, out of the bar of the village where I live a guy who looks similar to the one that came to the campsite but now with short shaved hair, he was talking to some friends about which books they were reading and I thought: “very interesting..!!” I approached and asked him if he has a brother, he looked nearly the same to the guy on the other day! He said: “no…”

Really cool. I was embarrassed and went into the bar after I said a quick “goodbye”. One week later my colleague told me that they employed a young man from my village if I know him, but I never heard his name before! When he came for his first day I could hardly believe my eyes: It was the same guy from the bar! After the first days, he seems nice and gentle and he makes fun but he looks not interested in more. Then, after a week, one day at the end of his shift he just waits in the office, I was finishing as well but he sits there and said nothing until I said to my colleague that I finished and that I’m going now, so he said: “well then I can go too now!”

I was surprised. Outside of the office he only said: “will we go for a pizza later?”

Me: “Today??”

He: “of course!”

I mean he never made compliments or asked for my number or anything like this so I never expected this date.

But I liked him so I just said: “Yes!”

He: “ok, in 1h at the pizzeria by the sea, Putzu Idu.”

And he left!

I was really confused about this kind of invitation to a dinner

It was the strangest date ever!

He did not flirt, it was more a conversation to know each other better, so unusual but interesting. We found out that we both like music, also classic, we like to read, we both love Nicholas Sparks (which explains a lot of things!) But to get my first kiss I had to wait until 5 o’clock in the morning, he brought me to look at the stars so it was worth it! And after 4 years, at the same place on the beach where we had our first date, he asked me, and I said YES!

How They Asked

It was our 4th anniversary, the 6th of July, and I expected Mattia would have made me some surprise, but obviously I couldn’t imagine such a detailed and beautiful proposal! He thought about everything! Honestly, I couldn’t have made a better vision of this special day!

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He told me to wear a nice dress and that he would blindfold me. So he drove me to the place by car, I recognized the road anyway because it was the way to the restaurant where we had our first date and the first anniversary.

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When we arrived at the parking place he took my hand and we passed still blindfolded the restaurant. I was a bit embarrassed. On the terrace of the restaurant, he took off my shoes and led me by the arm from the terrace over the beach. After a while he stopped and left me there for a moment, when he came back to take the blindfold away I heard a song, Ed Sheeran with Laughing out loud and when he took me into his arms I was already crying! Then I saw behind him a person running around us taking a lot of photos, I was without glasses so I didn’t recognize Valeria.

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We danced, it was also touching, so romantic. At the end of the song, I saw a wall next to the beach full of flowers and candles and in a box a bottle of champagne. Mattia asked me if we toast together, halfway he fell to his knees telling me he lost something in the sand, I toured around, it was all so quick that I didn’t realize, and he looked at me asking: “Sweetheart, will you marry me?”

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“Of course I will, YES!!”

As you will see in the pictures I needed about 10min to realize what happened. Finally, I gave him my hand to put the ring on! I was so overwhelmed by feelings, so happy that I couldn’t really believe that this was not a dream but reality! I’m so blessed to have this man by my side, and I can’t wait to say YES again and to start a fulfilled common life with him!

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Special Thanks

valeria mameli
 | Photographer
Stefania Pisano
 | florist