Sara and Matthew

How We Met

It was a blind date! We were set up by a mutual friend. I was adamant about saying no; however, she kept reassuring me he was a great guy. I was worried that because he was five years older, we would be at different places in our lives (I just finished university and he was already established in his career). It ended up being the perfect set up! We spent the night talking for hours, he made me laugh, and we had many similar values and goals. The rest was history….

how they asked

My fiancé Matthew proposed on a random Monday night, hoping he would catch me off guard. And he definitely did! It was one of the rare nights when I had little to no make up on and looking a mess – but I wouldn’t change it for anything because I was so genuinely surprised and had no idea what was in store!!

He told me to go over his place to cook dinner together. So I thought nothing of it and assumed it would be just a nice, quiet night in cooking together and enjoying one another’s company. Little did I know, that his father and brother went off to set up the proposal scene in the ravine park behind his parents house. After dinner, Matthew told me he wanted to go for a walk, like we usually did on nice summer nights. As we walked through the forested area, I noticed lights in the distance. He walked me over to the sign that he made reading “Sara” and the special dates we shared (when we met, our anniversary and then the date of the proposal).

I asked why he included “today’s day”… “what’s so special about today?” And that’s when it all hit me!!! (I’m so oblivious sometimes!!) Then he got down on one knee and asked me to look up, and that’s when the other tree lit up with the sign asking, “Will you Marry Me?”.

I started balling me eyes out. I’m still not sure if I ever answered “yes”, but I’m sure he got the point. My fiancé planned the most perfect and romantic proposal by lighting up the night and even getting a videographer to capture the moment!!! I couldn’t be luckier!