Sara and Matthew

Sara and Matthew's Engagement in Eddie Merlot's

How We Met

In November 2016 Sara and Matt matched on a dating app, J-Swipe (Jewish Tinder). Matt and Sara talked briefly and the conversation ended abruptly when Matt told Sara what his profession is. Sara happened to only be in town for a few days for a job interview and moved just shortly after, but in that time, Matt had fallen off Sara’s radar.

Let’s shoot forward a year to November 2017 the same day they stopped talking, but a year later… Matt and Sara matched again and their conversation pulled up to that last day they chatted. They talked for a few days while Matt was traveling in Hawaii. Then Matt asked, “Did you stop talking to me because I told you what I do?” Sara responded with “No, let’s grab a drink tonight!” Monday, November 13 Matt and Vega (his dog) showed up at O.H.S.O in Arcadia and met up with Sara. They had a great conversation over appetizers and drinks and left dinner. As they were getting to their cars, Sara offered to give Matt her number.

Their story is just beginning.

How They Asked

The minute Sara left for a two-week trip, Matt met up with Sara’s parents to ask for the family ring and to ask for permission to marry her. Sara had no idea Matt had done any of this. Marion, Sara’s mother, had a ring that had been passed down, but it was in California…that’s a story in itself. Ask Marion how she got the ring to Phoenix.

Sara arrived back from her trip and didn’t suspect a thing. She did not suspect anything even though Matt had told Sara he hung out with her parents while she was out of town.

Where to Propose in Eddie Merlot's

Valentine’s day was just around the corner and Matt planned an early Valentine’s dinner on Wednesday at Eddie Merlot’s way way way-way north, but really really really really good. Matt called ahead to have flowers and Champagne on the table when we arrived. In the meantime, Sara knew something was up. Matt asked Sara where his grey pants were. Sara loves when Matt wears those pants, but Matt doesn’t really like to wear them. We got ready and went to dinner (Matt was not in the grey pants). At dinner, we had a nice bottle of wine, and some amazing appetizers of escargot and beef carpaccio then filet and scallops for our entree’s. Champagne was poured and dessert was on its way. When dessert arrived right before Sara dug into the giant plate of chocolate, Matt threw the table out of the way, got down on his knee and said: “I have a question for you, will you marry me?” Sara was speechless. She had a loss of words, for once. They kissed with joy. Then Matt said, “wait, did you ever answer my question?” Sara responded with “Yes, of course, I will marry you!”

It took Sara a few minutes to recognize the ring Matt put on her finger. Sara is the fourth generation to wear the ring. It was her great grandmother Annie’s given to her on her 30th anniversary and then passed to Sara’s grandmother Rosalyn on her 30th anniversary and then passed to Sara’s mother.

And their journey continues…

Special Thanks

Lauri Winkler
 | Photographer