Sara and Matt

how we met

We like to tell people that we met at the hospital, but the truth is we met on Tinder. Matt was in medical school doing rotations at the hospital where Sara was a nurse. We exchanged a few messages on Tinder where Sara (embarrassingly) told Matt that she had “seen him around.” We decided to meet at a local bar, Moon River, for our first real meeting.

how they asked

We planned a trip to Savannah in late January 2020. Since we love everything about Savannah, we try to go back as frequently as possible. Little did Sara know, Matt bought an engagement ring in September 2019 and was just waiting for the right time. Unfortunately, the weather in Savannah on Friday when we arrived did not cooperate with Matt’s plans of proposing in Forsyth Park with our dogs. He ended up proposing at the AirBNB we were staying at, and Sara was completely surprised!

Special Thanks

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