Sara and Louis

After hanging out and spending lots of time on the phone, my groom/fiance had “finally” asked, “SARA??? (I said, “what’s the word)? He said, “What if, I ask you to marry me”???

My “whole” attitude changed. I told him to (OMG) wait my babies need to hear this! He chuckled, as I called my 13 yr old son and my 12 yr old daughter down the stairs. I put my cell phone on speaker and he said, “I’m asking you to marry me”. I yelled, “yaaaaappp”!!! He replied, “well, I’ll see you tomorrow”. That came out “real” without thinking, so, as we continued to stay on the phone, my mind had left, as it was all over the place.

I’d “eventually” changed my “yaaaaappp” to “we will see tomorrow” only because I want to be proposed to in person and real life, on video, “hopefully” in the presence of my mom and children, along with my sister and her children, “but” I won’t complain.

I had begun to feel like, I was gonna be up all night. Once we had ended that phone call, he’d called again later and we stayed on the phone about 2 hrs. I finally, became sleepy.