Sara and Levi

How We Met

Levi and I met in college (2011), we both had the same drawing class and he honestly seemed too cool for me. We had no interest in each other at the time because we both were in serious relationships, then a year or so later he had messaged me on Facebook just to ask me if he were to dress up like the Frisch’s Big Boy would they give him a free big boy. (I was a server at Frisch’s at the time.) From there one we were just pretty cool friends, we interacted on multiple social media sites and we also had been in a couple short relationships in that time period. We both ended up in very crappy relationships that only lasted three to four months and once we got out of it we bonded over those crappy relationships and still continued to be best friends. Then one day as we were driving back from the Kenwood mall (as friends) I let my guard down and talked about some rough stuff going on in my life. Levi put his hand on my leg to console me as I cried. We still remained friends after that and pretty much did everything together. I think everyone knew before us that we should of just been dating, but we didn’t get the hint until April 2nd 2014 that we were perfect for one another.

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how they asked

When Levi proposed he had sent me on a locational scavenger hunt to where we first met, places he lived when we started dating, our favorite dates, the place where we had our worst fight, I was all over Cincinnati! Each location had a friend of mine or a friend of his just waiting there with a clue to the next location. I ended up at the Kenwood mall near the Apple store, the first time we took that drive to the Kenwood mall (story above), we went into the apple store to get something fixed. When a manager at the store leaves they do this thing called a clap off. Well everyone in this store is clapping as this manager is walking out and we’re just so intrigued and confused. Well all my friends and family were lined up by the store clapping as I walked down the aisle way. He was already on one knee in front of the store asking me to marry him and it was the coolest most overwhelming experience ever.

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