Sara and Lambert

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How We Met

We met at work. And at first sight, I knew that she was something special. Since we worked together we started as co-workers and after I would do little things to help her out like get her snacks and hangover cures from the local market, and cover her shifts for work. We became friends after I would cover her shifts from work all the time. It didn’t take long for me to ask her out to dinner and change our friendship.

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how they asked

We had been planning to visit Europe for months because my mom lives in Switzerland. I had never been overseas before and was nervous so I distracted myself by making meticulous plans about what we were going to do there. One of which was a private vacation (minus our two kids) to Paris for my birthday. We arrived by train the day before my birthday and spent the next day and a half seeing everything we could in such a short trip.

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Halfway through the day on my birthday Lambert started to act really distracted and nervous. I figured maybe he was planning SOMETHING for my birthday so I didn’t ask many questions about how he was acting. Even when he insisted on getting to Bir Hikam bridge at a very specific time. Why would we need to be at an open bridge at a certain time? I let it go secretly hoping maybe he did have a little something planned. We get to the bridge and all of a sudden the huge “rush” we were in to get there is replaced with “ let’s go to the store” and going the wrong way and then back even though I told him the right way to go. I found out later it was because he was told to “delay”.

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We finally start walking down the bridge and a woman comes up to me and attempts hands me a long-stemmed rose saying something about how beautiful I am. I told her no thank you because a week before in London a woman had attempted to give me a paper flower and my mom had freaked out and told me to not take anything from people on the street…(thanks mom). Finally after lots of insisting Lambert took the rose from her and held it for me. After a few more steps another woman came up and then another and another, all handing me a long-stemmed rose. Finally, by this point, I realized this was a thing and I embraced receiving rose after rose while walking toward the center of the bridge, each person who handed me a rose telling me how beautiful I was.

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When we reached the center of the bridge, there was a man playing a guitar and Lambert insisted we stop and when we got closer I realized he was playing and singing our song right in front of a picturesque spot overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Lambert took my hands and attempted a heartfelt speech about how I have always been the one and how happy I make him… but he couldn’t get the words out. This man I have been with for over 5 years and had never seen cry was tearing up and unable to finish his sentence so of course, I became a sobbing mess. Seeing that neither of us was going to be able to say much he got down on one knee and presented me with the most beautiful perfect rose gold ring. Of course, I said yes!

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Out of the corner of my eye, I caught someone with a camera taking pictures and Lambert then presented me with a final rose, made of gold, to keep forever. The woman taking pictures approached and introduced herself as Daria from Paris Happy Pictures and let me know that I was also going to get an impromptu photo shoot right there in front of the Eiffel Tower and Seine River. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful proposal and a more perfect man.

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Special Thanks

Daria Lorman Photography
 | Photographer
Marcel et Lily Studio
 | Personalized proposal illustration