Sara and Kyle

How We Met

We met 4 years ago during a college project. I was covering the local skateboard scene and my partner for that class said, “he knew the perfect person to ask.” That person was Kyle Ayling. He had just moved back from California and was working a double at the local Starbucks. My partner, Kyle, and I met up at the Dyer Starbucks on his lunch break to talk over our goals with this project. Kyle was super on board with helping and filled with a lot of knowledge and insight. That hour flew by without me saying a word, I was speechless. Kyle then made us some departing gifts for our short ride home and I could not stop talking about how perfect he was. Little did I know that my partner at the time had a crush on me. I arrived home about 30 minutes later to my mom and her friend sitting on the front porch. I could not contain my excitement. “OMG mom, I met the most amazing man ever… I was gushing. It was almost embarrassing how much I liked this guy after meeting him for 1 hour.” The next day, Kyle, stopped over by my house to drop off some photos on a junk drive. That was all it took. We were hooked. We hung out every day. It was so surreal. We did everything together. Like one day he just got off of work and surprised me with A Day to Remember tickets! This is one of my favorite bands and he happens to be friends with them. So we get stuck in rain and anything else that could go wrong, did; however we had a blast! Surely was a day to remember…

how they asked

About 4 years ago me and Kyle went to our first concert together which was A day to remember… and so yesterday was a long crazy day at the Xgames filled with ups and downs! Kyle almost getting a ticket for something so silly, to our cloud 9 rider Samarria placing 2nd in the finals to celebrating with the team, bowling. We went to see a day to remember & our passes for whatever reason didn’t get us in. Of course Kyle always turns the negative into a positive. With a day to remember playing, “have faith in me “

Image 1 of Sara and Kyle

? right next to us… He grabs my hand spun me around (i was walking in front of him) underneath the street light …and says have faith in me… gets on one knee and says “ Sara, will you marry me?”

Image 2 of Sara and Kyle

? what a DAY TO REMEMBER!! …Then we accidentally walked into a gay bar to have a drink to celebrate hehe

Image 3 of Sara and Kyle

I love you Kyle Ayling I cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams!!