Sara and Kurt

How We Met

We meet on a student photography trip to Italy that was hosted by National Geographic–we like to say that Sara went on that trip to learn she’s a terrible photographer, while Kurt went to hone his hobby, but we gained each other out of it so it all worked out in the end. We became best friends on the trip, and a year and a half later we reconnected through Skype since we lived on opposite coasts (Sara in Boston and Kurt in Los Angeles). After a few months of talking nonstop, we decided to try a long distance relationship. People thought we were certain to break up, purely because of the logistics of our situation, but 7.5 years later here we are!

How They Asked

Kurt planned the proposal with his brother (and now Best Man) Adam over the course of several months. We were on vacation in Colorado visiting Adam and his family before flying to Massachusetts to see my family for Christmas. It just so happened that my 24th birthday fell during the time we’d be in CO, so Kurt suggested that we spend the day together in Boulder, explore a bit and have dinner. Every year for my birthday I always say that all I want is quality time together and yummy food, so I happily agreed not thinking much of it. As the date got closer, however, I began to wonder if maybe he would pop the question on our day out. Just before we left for the day, Kurt pulled me aside and said he had a surprise for me–I needed to pack an overnight bag, because he had booked a hotel for us to spend the night in Boulder! As we arrived in Boulder, Kurt asked me if I wanted to walk around a bit first or go explore up the mountain a bit–little did I know he was basically asking, “do you want to walk around aimlessly, or do you want to go get engaged?” Luckily, I chose the mountain first, and we drove up to the parking lot for Sunrise Amphitheater. Because it was December, we had to park about 10 mins away from the amphitheater itself and walk up. During our walk I kept trying to glance at Kurt’s pockets to see if there was a ring box, and was disappointed that I couldn’t see anything. I kept telling myself “Sara, he’s going to do it on his own time, in his own way. Just put it out of your mind and enjoy this day for what it is–a nice day out for your birthday”. Not 10 minutes later, we arrived at the amphitheater and found it completely empty. We stood at the front ledge, looking out at the view, and Kurt got down on one knee! I instantly started crying, of course said yes, and then stared at my hand the entire walk back to the car. After calling our families, we walked around downtown Boulder for a bit before heading to the hotel to change for dinner, the location of which Kurt wouldn’t disclose all day. As we headed out, I was confused as we seemed to be driving back up the mountain toward the amphitheater. Turns out, Kurt made a reservation for us at Flagstaff House, an incredible restaurant build into the mountain with glass walls, giving us the most breathtaking view of Boulder at night. We enjoyed a several-course meal and a bottle of wine, and during dinner I told Kurt, “I can’t believe today has been real, my brain can’t process it”. Needless to say, he knocked it out of the park!

Special Thanks

Rebekah & Grace
 | Photography
Boulder, Colorado
 | Engagement Shoot Location