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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Disney's Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World

How We Met

Kevin and I first “met” in an American history class in our sophomore year of college. But we never actually spoke to each other! I was always in a rush to leave as soon as class ended, so we never actually had a chance to talk. Though Kevin did friend request me on Facebook, and we graduated together two years later, we did not have our first conversation until a couple years later. We share the same birthday, and when we wished each other “happy birthday” on Facebook, the rest was history. :)

how they asked

I am a huge Disney fan. Ever since I was little, I made a wish at the fountain behind Cinderella’s Castle on every Disney World trip. On our first date, I remember telling Kevin how much I love Disney World and how it’s my favorite place. He remembers asking me where my very favorite place in Disney World is, and I told him it was Cinderella’s fountain behind the castle. Kevin says that is when he knew that he would propose to me at Magic Kingdom by that very fountain. I made lots of wishes on Cinderella’s fountain over the years, but one in particular stayed the same. On our recent trip to Disney together after Memorial Day, my wish came true.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disney's Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World

After asking me to make a wish, Kevin proposed!! Suddenly we heard a bunch of people cheering – I hadn’t noticed at all during his proposal, but a crowd had formed to watch him propose and they were clapping! Meanwhile, our wonderful Disney Photopass photographer Rusty had been snapping pictures of the entire proposal! Suddenly, a woman who I assumed was a fellow guest approached us to congratulate us and look at the ring. Then she asked me if my mom could see it as well. She showed me her phone, and my mom was waving to me via FaceTime! Dana, the woman I assumed was a guest, was actually a Disney Cast Member who had helped prepare for the engagement, and had been FaceTiming the entire proposal to my mom!

Proposal Ideas Disney's Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World

Where to Propose in Disney's Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World

I was shocked and so happy! Then Dana asked if Sabrina, my best friend, could see the ring too. I was bewildered. Then I see someone in a dark green raincoat with the hood up walk toward us – it was my best friend in disguise!!!!!!! Kevin had surprised me by inviting my best friend to join us for the proposal and for our vacation! I was so surprised and so happy, I was speechless!!!!!

We celebrated our engagement by eating breakfast at Beast’s Castle in Be Our Guest restaurant, telling Cinderella herself about the proposal, and ended the most magical day of my life by watching the Happily Ever After fireworks in front of Cinderella’s Castle. I am so in awe of the group of stealthy masterminds who made this day the most magical and wonderful day I could have possibly imagined – Kevin, my best friend Sabrina, my mom, and Carey from Kingdom Konsultants Travel and planner Dana and photographer Rusty from Disney!

Sara's Proposal in Disney's Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World

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