Sara and Kevin | Proposal Video

How We Met: Kevin and I met at Michigan State University our freshman year. According to my memory, we met at the Jimmy Johns near campus during welcome week after a long day of “welcoming” ourselves to campus (it was about 4 am). The story really begins about 4 years prior to that when I had the pleasure of meeting my best friend Bridget’s next door neighbor. I came to know her as Aunt Judy. Aunt Judy was always mentioning her “handsome nephew” who was about our age. We never did meet, but Aunt Judy showed us pictures so I was aware of what her handsome nephew Kevin looked like. Now, back to Jimmy Johns. As I was waiting in line for my Turkey Tom, I saw Kevin. Recognizing him from Aunt Judy’s picture, I introduced myself. He, of course, had no idea who I was. We shared an awkward conversation before going our separate ways. But over the next few years at MSU, we remained acquaintances, seeing each other at parties and out at the bar.

Towards the end of our first semester of senior year, I received an Instant Message (yes, on AOL) from Kevin. He asked me to attend a Fraternity date party with him that following Thursday. I was very shocked by this invitation and had to decline since I bartended every Thursday evening (for those Spartans out there- Burger rama at the Riv!). When I came to work the following day, my manager and good friend, Ryan, pulled me into the office to talk. He asked if I was dating DJ Toiz (another one for you Spartans out there- Kevin DJ’d at the Land Shark). I said no and inquired as to why he asked. Apparently, Kevin had called my manager to see if I could have Thursday night off so I could attend the party. So, we worked it out so I could get out of work early enough to attend, and Kevin and I went on our first date. We have been together ever since. We spent 4 years of our relationship living in Chicago, which is where we really came to know each other and fall more in love.

how they asked: At the time, we had been living apart, myself in Chicago and Kevin in Michigan. He had moved back to Michigan three months earlier for a new job. I had gotten a phone call from my dad, asking me to come home for the weekend for my little sister’s birthday. I thought this was strange because my family understood how hard it was for me to travel because I had full time school and a full time job. But since my dad never really has these requests, I figured it must be important to him so I agreed. I flew in from Chicago on Friday evening (March 9th). On Saturday, my sister happened to be having a birthday party for my nephew, so my plan was to attend his birthday party on Saturday and my sisters on Sunday and then fly back to Chicago. On Saturday morning, Kevin called and asked me to “dress up nice” because he wanted to go out somewhere for lunch to celebrate our upcoming “official boyfriend and girlfriend” anniversary. I agreed as long as we would be able to make it to my nephew’s party. He drove me out to the Detroit Zoo, which was one of our date spots in college. To be honest, I was a little upset. I had gotten dressed up to walk around at the zoo? And we only had about 30 minutes until my nephew’s party which was across town, so I didn’t know how we would make it there. Reluctantly, I got out of the car and we went to walk around at the zoo. The first place we went was the butterfly house:


After he proposed, Kevin surprised me with an amazing family luncheon at McCormick and Schmicks- another one of our favorite date spots in Chicago. After that, I thought we were just meeting with a few close friends for a celebratory drink. Turns out, Kevin had told our closest friends the plan in advance. Our friends from all over the country, Ohio, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan, were all there! It was truly the perfect day and I will never forget it.

Video: Zara Creative // Photography: Heather Talbert // Ring: A. Jaffe