Sara and Justus

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How We Met

Long Story short… kind of… We met in the most unexpected of places… well for me at least… we met halfway around the world, on a different continent, and a different country than my own. We met in Germany at Bodenseehof Bible School. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a ring by spring type of thing, but it was a beautiful place to fall in love with the Lord again and also get to meet a pretty awesome guy who was doing the same thing. I remember the first time I think I really noticed Justus, he was playing the drums on stage practicing for a worship set. I walked by the door and thought dang he is pretty dang cute AND he can play music! And a bit later to my sweet delight, I found out we were in the same small group together. Winner winner! The first time we really talked though I of course made the first move and asked him to coffee. I wanted to get to know him and hear a bit of who he was and why he was at Bode. Justus not having the best English skills at this point agreed but the conversation was pretty short and sweet. Lots of one and two word answers.

But I found him trying to come up with words and stories pretty adorable. And I mean he must have liked how I could talk and talk and talk because we ended up becoming friends. A couple of months went by and our friendship grew and his English got better (luckily for me), But he has always been the more reserved and shy one in our relationship so things were moving at a pretty slow pace. My friend Sam would help me pass notes to him and she would help him try and come up with a cute idea here and there to do something for me. We would go on walks and sit by the lake, there was one bench we would always go to and we would talk about the weirdest things. We came up with a story about how all the animals were very smart and they had their very own FBI and they would all meet in the lake late at night to discuss what happened that day… I told you… weird things. But it was fun.

Anyways, about halfway through Bode I knew that I liked him. I knew that I wanted to date him, and I knew that I wanted to date with the intention of Marriage. He on the other hand definitely needed a little push decide if he actually really liked me and if he wanted to try and do this long distance thing with this crazy American girl. In the end he said Yes, he asked me to be his girlfriend on March 23rd 2014. It was just a couple days before we all left Bode which was kind of hard timing, but also so good. With lots of ups and downs and all arounds, we have managed to grow our love for God and one another from across an ocean. Thankfully this summer that distance will no longer be an issue and we can go back to taking walks and having super odd conversations face to face for the rest of our life.

how they asked

Justus flew to the States to spend Christmas with me and my family. On December 22nd, we woke up and he told me to dress warm. He told me to put on warm boots and a coat because we were going on a hike…. I had a headache and obviously got upset because I definitely did not want to go hiking in the snow and cold with a migraine. He basically told me to suck it up in a very loving and gentle way! I cried for a minute because I really didn’t want to go and Im a big baby in that sense… (sorry Justus you’re stuck with that)! But I put on my big girl pants and took some IBU profen and got into the car. The car ride took us about an hour and half, of which every 15 minutes i asked “Where in the heck are we going” . Finally we started seeing signs for a Ranch, I got s little more excited, than we saw signs for Adventure Pony Rides, but he told me we definitely were not riding horses… I was a little bummed. Once we finally pulled up to the Ranch I saw them… beautiful horse drawn sleighs. I squealed a little and He said Merry Christmas! We got in our little 2 person sleigh and were off into the forest. It was so beautiful and quiet and serene. We talk a little and took a few photos, but we mostly just sat there holding each others hands gazing at the powdery winter wonderland. Justus asked me a couple times where Schweitzer was (a ski mountain in the area) to which I had no idea, so pointed in a random direction a couple times.

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About 20 minutes into the ride we came upon an opening, the lady said the horses needed a break… sure they did… and that we should get out and take pictures with the beautiful background (it was Schweitzer!). So we did what she said, we took a couple pictures and I froze my toes off. Justus then told me how much he loved me and how he had been thinking about something for a really long time. He kissed my head a bunch of times than got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. It was magical and so sweet. I of course said YES!!! It was definitely a day I will never forget and of course there had to be some sort of sassyness from me or it wouldn’t have been a true Sara and Justus kind of day. I am so blessed and so excited to start our life together.